Every loss can be turned positive


by Christopher Greenwood

In the time I’ve spent with Mohanji, one thing I’ve observed and learnt from him is his fearlessness towards life. He faces life and its challenges head-on and keeps walking, no matter what. He has a very matter of fact attitude to all of life’s situations and for some, this can be perceived as indifference, especially when people reach out for help to overcome their sorrows in life. Although life has its share of challenges and people will have their opinions, we keep moving based on our choices as it’s our life to live.

Many people contact Mohanji daily for various reasons. From the early hours until late evening, he’s responding, supporting and guiding each and everyone alongside his other work. Of these messages and calls, a good portion is from people telling Mohanji their sorrows: their father or mother is not well, their cat or dog is not well, some people are in hospital, all these types of situations. Usually, his responses are matter-of-fact, straightforward and unemotional with replies ranging from, ”Okay, do this”, or ”I’ll take care”. He responds based on the situation.


As these messages and answers are direct and to the point, many people think he’s completely insensitive. A lot of people look for his sympathy more than his intervention but he is not one to give sympathy. Not at all. What he has is empathy for the person and situation, in this respect, he always does what he can.

Some people ask him: ”You don’t feel anything at all that my mother is unwell?”

What should he feel?

For Mohanji, life is very matter of fact. If there is a birth, there is a death. It is inevitable. Recently, he has been reminding us that as soon as we are born into this world; our death is also born (we are one step closer to death). You walk together until the right time to part. He has clarity about this; he doesn’t become caught up in the illusions of emotions.

He told me what he often does for people in situations is to reduce their pain and to reduce their suffering. However, if somebody chooses to suffer as their constitution is like that, then he allows them to suffer because they want to feel sympathy for themselves. They choose self-pity and suffering. He says: ‘’Okay, if that is what you want, please go ahead. I will not sympathize. Why should I sympathize with your natural constitution? Why should I sympathize with your likes and dislikes?” Mohanji always respects free will.


This is how he operates. He will do what he can, but he is not interested in the emotions associated with the situation. It’s our father, our mother, our dog, our cat, our neighbour. It’s connected to our relationship. Why would we expect Mohanji to have the same relationship with the same effect, the same emotions? But, he says, if we contact him, he will do what he can. But he can’t save people from death. If they’re supposed to die, they will die. He can only reduce their pain or suffering.

He shared that on some occasions, he has been able to postpone the death but those people have not understood the impact of this; it can be like a newborn state, a fresh birth. In such situations, people do not know how to manoeuver with this fresh leash of life and it actually becomes a burden for them because their continuity is affected.


He reiterated that these points need to be very clearly understood. He is not insensitive but he doesn’t subscribe to the unnecessary emotions of people. This is the same with people’s various expectations as well. He delivers what he can deliver, unconditionally.

When people contact Mohanji to tell him that they don’t have a job, or that they don’t have something else, he will see what blockage they have. Sometimes he can remove it, but sometimes he can’t. Why can’t he remove it in some cases? It is because they are holding onto it, they say: ”Mohanji, please take this away.” He will say: ”Okay, give it to me. Leave your hands, hand it over to me, I’ll take it.” But they don’t do that. They hold on. They don’t leave their hands. So, how can he take it over? In these kinds of situations, he says that he tries once or twice, but if they are still holding on to it, then he will leave them: ”Okay, you hold it.” Then they will contact him again: ”Mohanji, you’re not helping me.”

What is the answer in this type of situation and exchange? We are not helping ourselves. That is the answer. The answer is that we are not allowing that situation or thing to change. If we do not allow that situation or thing to change, nobody can help us.

If we really want things to change, we should surrender it totally (100%) to Mohanji and say, ”Mohanji, take it away, I don’t want it.” He will then remove it for us. He won’t push us, he will not ask any of us to remove this because this is our life. If we want to experience attachment, then we will experience attachment.

moving on

When Mohanji shared this, I asked him about the people who want to let go but they don’t realise that they are holding onto something. I asked him, “How can you tell or know if you’re still holding on?”

Mohanji said this is visible in our life as patterns. Our patterns are visible and the same thing repeats itself. The same situation comes back, repeatedly. That is a sign that we are holding on to patterns, emotions, attachments. Life is full of attachments. We get attached to anything and everything. We must be aware and then if we are ready, we can ask a Guru, “Please take it away.” But a Guru will not snatch it from us.

I feel it’s good to be clear on what we are asking for when we contact Mohanji for support, help or assistance. Are we asking for relief from the situation or are we asking for sympathy? Mohanji has been clear that sympathies aren’t his business. He doesn’t sympathize with anyone.

This may sound cruel or insensitive to some people but Mohanji is practical and he looks at life as completely natural. I’ve kept this blog as close to his message as possible because he feels everyone who contacts him about sorrows in life needs to understand how he is and how he works.

Recently, somebody contacted Mohanji to say that he was going through a job loss situation. Mohanji said: ”Work from home. You have your contacts, you have your experience, you have your expertise. Use these three things together and create your own work and earn some money online.” Mohanji provided some good practical advice for the situation and this person went onto write in public groups, ”Mohanji has been very insensitive to me, he was indifferent. He didn’t bless me with another job.”

Mohanji blesses us all the time. He only wishes us well. He doesn’t ever wish that we should have a bad life. It’s important to understand this and to also check what our expectations are.

Mohanji said:

I am a practical man more than a spiritual person. What I said to him was that instead of being involved in self-pity, he should compile all his contacts, compile all his expertise and experience, and create something which he can sell and earn a living. Isn’t that more permanent than a job? In this volatile situation, getting into a job is very difficult. And you have to compromise tremendously at a job. For example, salary. Somebody can employ you, but you are getting half the salary. And because of your pattern, you will join, but you will feel bad all the time, you won’t like going to the office. Then you will compare it with your past job. But instead, if you build up your own work, eventually you will see growth, and you will have enthusiasm. It’s your job. You’re the boss.

So, am I insensitive, or am I practical?

I tell people what they have to do, and then it is up to them to do it or not. If they don’t want to do it, then it is not my business anymore. So, it’s not indifference or insensitivity. It’s practicality. I try to make everyone practical. You can’t escape from your life. If you lost your job, then use what you have now. When one door closes, another door opens. Or you open it. You have a chance to open it. And that could be more sustainable in the future.

Sympathy paralyzes you. I ignite people, I don’t paralyze them. I don’t want those who are connected to me to be tamasic and lazy. I make them at least rajasic. But if they choose to be tamasic, then it’s best not to be here, because you will only complain all the time.”

practical wisdom

The conversation reminded me of the response that Mohanji gave to a question that was asked during a satsang in Serbia (October 2019) where someone asked the following question (full blog link).

Q: What is your recommendation about the emptiness one feels after a loss. Should one grieve or ignore, or how to deal with it?

He told the story of losing his daughter Ammu and how from that he refused to be the victim of other people’s sympathies. He refused to indulge in self-pity and instead decided to serve the world in her name, his daughter’s name.

His attitude was to do something positive out of the situation which resulted in the formation of Ammucare in 2003. At that time, he had no money to form it. When asked by people, “What’s your investment?”, he simply said, “Myself, that is my investment”. This attitude formed Ammucare which is still running today providing food for the hungry, education, skills & empowerment, disaster relief, health and many other activities.

Excerpt from Mohanji’s Answer: 

“You can convert every loss into something powerful and positive. This is up to you. This is your disposition. If you sit down and cry, drink alcohol, pity yourself, nobody gains anything out of it; in fact, life is lost. One life is already lost, and your life will also be lost. This is my answer.

I would say never waste your life because you are unique in this world. There is none like you. You are a unique creation. You are neither high nor low or equal, you are unique, and there is nobody like you. You must use your uniqueness in the right way, as best as possible and make a difference in the world. Why not? Why do we have to just live and die? Keep shining bright!”

mohanji smile

Transcribed by Kristina Gabric

Edited by Rekha Murali



Consistent connection to one master brings transformation

By Mohanji Acharya Barbara Dizdarević

29th June 2020


What is required for true transformation?

The Upanishads (ancient sacred scriptures) say “the Guru who has appeared in your life is the Guru that is the one for you.” In our path, the path of liberation, for actual inner transformation to happen, the essence is the true consistent connection to one Guru, a single figure as the source of our stability.

How does true transformation happen through the connection? What is required?

  1. A stable connection for a period of time
  2. The ability and openness to receive
  3. Actual transmission from the source to the receiver

How to build a stable connection to the Guru?

It takes time, conviction and consistency for this connection to mature and stabilize. A ‘mature’ connection means the actual ‘transmission’ from the Guru begins. Consistent connection requires conviction with unshakable faith. Mohanji reminds us to stay firm and strong without distractions:

“When there is a ‘test’ happening, it is only to reaffirm the conviction and connection.”

Distractions can be so subtle like doubts, judgments, prejudice, and apprehension towards the Master. All these contaminate and discontinue the connection. Mohanji or the masters don’t get affected, but we (people) get affected by the discontinuation of connection. A Master is one who already has everything and needs nothing, while people need the connection, an embodiment to guide. This is why Avatars come to Earth, like Jesus – he needed nothing for himself, but the people needed him.

What happens when we try to connect to various masters?

Masters cannot and will not start transmitting immediately, because the focus is not on one, hence the bridge through which they can transmit doesn’t exist. If we try to plug into one plug-point, then plug out and plug into another plug-point, we will only experience light occasionally. The connection needs to be stable and mature, with whomever or whatever we are connecting. This stability and spiritual maturity enables us to receive, otherwise it is only in the mind-level and not from the level of transmission from the source.

People say for example, “Why do we have to connect to Mohanji? I like Babaji.” One can definitely connect to Mahaavatar Babaji, but the question is – can they source from Babaji effortlessly, without hallucination or imagination? Sometimes, people feel that Babaji spoke to them, which is definitely possible. But, when a higher master communicates with a person, instant deep silence happens in the mind. One enters into a no-thought state, and sooner or later, the fruits of this communication are felt. Otherwise, if the same mundane anger, hatred, jealousy, revenge, and other emotions of lower frequencies are still happening, and then one says Babaji spoke to them, it is just hallucination, just imagination.


Be open to receive!

When Mohanji created Acharyas, as he says, he created proper ‘receivers’, and when he delivered the Acharya mala (sacred beads specifically energized for Acharyas) he made it easy for people to receive energy from him and the entire tradition of masters. When people decide they want to connect to different sources, Mohanji has no objection. But the question is – will we be able to receive from them?

‘Receiving’ means it should be transforming, otherwise it is only at the level of the mind. A good example are Mai-Tri practitioners. Mai-Tri Method works because of the connection of the practitioner with Mohanji. If Mai-Tri practitioners connect to X, Y or Z master, will the healing happen? We cannot be sure. Connecting to other masters for healing also needs a stable connection for a certain period of time. And sometimes, other masters will test much more than Mohanji does. Another good example of the effect of a stable connection to a master is Mohanji Protection Method (a method that one can use to protect oneself with Mohanji’s energy). The source (Mohanji) is clear and the connection (with the receiver) is clear and stable. Because of our connection with Mohanji, he ensures that we get the protection instantly.

Transmission from the source to the receiver 

I’ve mentioned earlier that the Upanishads say “the Guru who has appeared in your life is the Guru that is the one for you.” Basically, the source (Supreme Consciousness/God or w.e people would call it) is sending ‘a connection’ (the Guru). It is like receiving electricity in the house. The electricity line is drawn to the house to give electricity and get the lights working. If for example, the neighbor has electricity and we don’t, and we imagine that electricity will come to us, it’s not going to happen unless we too build the line/connection.

Some people ask “Why do I need a master when we all have the same innate potential?” True, but, we need somebody to point us in the right direction, to remove the layers of ignorance which we have been carrying for hundreds of lifetimes.

Or, “I would like to (re-)connect directly to the source” – sure, but you need to build the connection. What happens if you touch the transformer unprepared? You burn yourself – you’re not equipped to receive that amount of energy.

Or, some may say “Can I connect to a mountain, like Kailash?” No problem. Will Kailash transmit for you? Then it is okay. “Can I focus on Manasarovar?” Good idea, but will you be able to source out of Manasarovar? Many people are living in hallucination all their lives. And that is their choice.

How to recognize if our connection is an imagination?

First ask yourself – has there been a transformation in you? People who are constantly and strongly connecting to the highest source experience transformation consistently, because the usual emotional garbage we carry can’t survive in the powerful energy we are connecting to. In the case of true connections, annihilation happens regularly. Our patterns get burnt and if our commitment is strong, soon there won’t be any space for our regular bloated ego, anger, hatred, jealousy, sadness, depression etc. And, if people truly source from the master they are connecting to, transformation means reaching a state of zero thoughts (the fourth state of Samadhi). If that is not happening, then it is all imagination.

Mohanji, a connection to the uncontaminated source

Mohanji is always available to everyone, as a connection to the uncontaminated source and he has proven that through many experiences and testimonials. He does not claim he is the only connection, or the best connection. At the same time, Mohanji always allows free will. At the end of the day, it is up to us to come or go, connect or disconnect, remain in the games of the mind or soar to the highest. He allows all to come, to leave, and to come back too.




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Tests and Grace of a Master


By Christopher Greenwood

The scriptures say that it is extremely fortunate for one to have a human body.  Among humans, it is extremely rare for one to go beyond an unconscious existence based on instinctual animalistic patterns (sleeping, eating, drinking, and so on)  and have a spiritual bent. This typically takes thousands of lifetimes. For those who have a spiritual bent, it is rare to progress further and pursue a spiritual path. Among those who pursue a spiritual path, it is rare to have the awareness of the existence of realized Masters like Mohanji, Shirdi Sai Baba, and so on. Among those who have the awareness of realized spiritual Masters, it is rare to have the grace of being in a living Master’s presence. Among those who have been in a living Master’s presence, it is rare to have the grace of being a living Master’s disciple and be under his protective and transformational gaze. Among those disciples, it is extremely precious to have the eligibility to earn the grace to be in close proximity and walk with a living Master.

Mohanji eyes

Until meeting Mohanji in 2018, I had been searching for answers to life for a long time and  a year earlier had been made aware by a yoga teacher about living Masters. I was extremely curious to meet one and a friend suggested that I attended a UK retreat with Mohanji in 2018. There I received Shaktipat, which was an incredible experience. I could write more about this but in this blog I wanted to give an idea of the time I’ve been physically connected to Mohanji. Straight after this I had planned to spend my birthday at Skanda Vale, a temple in Wales which Mohanji is very connected to. Unbeknown to me Mohanji was also travelling there after the UK retreat and those days would be the inauguration / prana prathista event of Dattatreya. Dattatreya would establish himself in Europe at Skanda Vale. Another great experience. After some time wrestling with my mind trying to understand who Mohanji was I came to a realisation that for me, I had met someone who I believed was established in truth and I set my focus on this. What followed was a fast track raising of awareness, shedding old patterns, habits, lifestyles and fears. Kriya initiation soon followed, retreats and I joined the Kailash pilgrimage which was tough and unpleasant but something big shifted in life. The biggest shift being my conviction to the path of liberation and in Mohanji. More recently, following a deep inner call, I joined Mohanji and a small number of others on his pilgrimage to visit Dattatreya at Girnar mountain. All have been beautiful and transformation experiences in their own right.

Recently, I have also had the priceless opportunity to live with Mohanji and spend time with him. The quantum of selfless work he does for everyone leaves me in awe. He connects with people throughout the day starting sometime after 03:00. When he’s not connecting and helping people with their personal situations, he’s envisioning the way forward and ways to add even more value to the world. In the past three months, he founded and launched the Early Birds Club which has over a thousand members and adds value to the lives of adults, teens and children, Act4Hunger to raise global visibility for food contributions and a disaster management committee to respond to emergency crises (medical, political, financial, etc) that may emerge from the pandemic or natural events. He has written an anthem for the World Consciousness Alliance (WCA), delivered many satsangs (spiritual discourses), written articles and recorded audios and videos for people.  He has even created, recorded and released a new transformation process (Forgiveness Process). He guides people from all walks of life as a friend, with equal affection and care. Even as he does the above superhuman task, he finds time to attend to his family responsibilities as a son, a father and a husband. Joining Amma (his mother) every morning on the kitchen table, they share jokes and stories of world affairs, as she drinks her morning coffee. He joins his father over breakfast and lunch and shares quality time with his father. Similarly, he effectively executes his roles as a father and a husband.  This is just on the physical plane which I can perceive.


During this time, I also had the opportunity to listen to how Masters operate, the tests on the path, the importance of gratitude as well as stories about those who after receiving something extremely precious deliberately or due to their eligibility, let it go. This reminded me of the story of one of the priceless jewels in the Queen of England’s crown. It is said that this stone was hidden along with other precious stones inside a large rock. The man who discovered the rock did not know what lay inside. It was used in his house as a doorstop and even used for playing by his children. It wasn’t until it was bought by someone, who knew what lay inside, that it emerged into the world as one of the most famous gems in history. I heard stories where people received a lot from Mohanji that transformed their lives but either failed to acknowledge his impact in their lives or even went to the extremes of leaving and criticising.

Those who have spent considerable time with Mohanji know that those who meet him, always leave with as much as they can carry. Probably much, much more since I feel that he always draws to them more than they ever expected. There are countless testimonials of people’s lives being remarkably transformed after having met or walked with Mohanji. We can always rest well in the awareness that a Master needs nothing from us. The master is available for us. We receive what we are eligible to receive, which is provided without condition. What is eligibility? Emptiness and receptivity sans judgements, concepts and ego.  Whenever we doubt, criticise or judge a master we must be very careful and understand what is happening. Often this is the play of the mind, a reversion back to patterns, inclinations and our comfort zones. When we leave a master, we lose the opportunity which we ourselves earned. To leave the master is one thing, but to criticise or talk bad about a master is another. For the latter, we have to pay a big price because we are criticising or attacking the very source of existence, our soul. God, master and the soul are the same. If we talk bad about the source, it’s like stabbing ourselves.

Mohanji reminds us that all our actions here on earth come at a cost. We always have free will but we should be aware of the price of our actions. For talking bad or discrediting a Master, the cost is severe. Potentially tens of thousands of lifetimes to recover and in those lives, we will experience back what we gave. We reap what we sow.

Mohanji’s words on a Master’s methods

The strength of the Master is his silence. Mastery is mastery over the mind. Mastery over mind means mastery over thoughts. Mastery over thoughts means mastery over desires, inclinations and tendencies. Mastery over those means lack of karma. When lack of karma happens, you become a Master. Then karma is no longer running the show, you are.


When you connect to a Master, you have to connect to him non-physically. Whatever action a Master tells you to do, will be for karmic cleansing. You may think that he is asking you to do a mundane, ordinary thing, but it may be much larger.

Like the story of a lazy man who decided he could not stay in the marriage any longer and left his wife and children to join an ashram to become a Swami (renunciate monk). When the Guru in the ashram saw him sitting there and doing nothing, he asked why he came. The man said that he had decided to renounce his existence.

Guru said, ”Yeah, sure, no problem. But either you have to do some work here or you have to pay”. The man said he will do the work because he didn’t have any money. The next morning, while he was sitting and pretending to be meditating, a person came with a bucket, a couple of broomsticks and mops, and asked him to clean the toilets. The lazy man got upset and said, ”What do you mean clean the toilets? No, no, I’m practicing to become a Swami.” The person said, ”It doesn’t matter. Everybody works here. The Guru said that you have to clean the toilets.” The lazy man said, ”No, I didn’t even clean the toilet in my house. I am leaving this place.”

This is how many people who are seekers orient themselves; they don’t want to do the work, so they decide to become a Swami. That is wrong. The Guru will tell you to do tough work, and that will literally destroy your comfort zones. When comfort zones are destroyed, then liberation takes place immediately. That space where the comfort zones existed is replaced by moments of liberation.


Thus, the Guru delivers that; he opens that door for liberation to take place, but then you have to walk. That is very important.

I’ll give you one more example. One man lost his children and was in great distress. Then he came to the Guru for solace. The Guru gave him some work to do. When the man finished it, the Guru gave him more work. The man didn’t understand. He was thinking, ”What is happening? I just came out of all this work, and now he’s giving me more work.” After a while, the Guru asked him, “How does it feel now?”

The man said: ”I have no time to think. There is so much work!” The Guru replied, ”Very good, now you’re stabilizing.”

That extreme action will reach a state akin to rotating blades that rotate so fast that it elevates. Thus, extreme action takes you up to a level of elevation. While you are in that elevated state, the lower doesn’t catch up with you anymore. It drops off.


That is what happens. While you are in extreme action, it leads to saturated stillness (sattva). The person thought, ”What is the Guru doing, giving me all this work? I am supposed to sit and meditate.” But, you’re not supposed to sit and meditate because that will make you slump. It would pull you down, back to your comfort zones. Thus, sitting down and meditating is only good when you have already raised your stability. Otherwise, what the Guru says is the right thing for you.

The Guru will look at your level of tamas and say, ”Do this – clean the toilet.” If you have big difficulty and boundaries, they will be broken. Once that is broken, the Guru will not ask you to clean the toilet again. He may say “do gardening”, or something else because he is only looking at how deep is the samskara (impression). Until and unless the resistance ends, he will give you the same job. What you resist most, will be given more.

Some people think this is a test that the Guru is giving them. But it’s not a test. It’s purification. It’s liberation. What people call a test is the resistance of something within themselves. It’s the destruction of the comfort zone, something which they are used to.

guru disciple

Question: But there are some tests for disciples to stay or to leave?

Mohanji: That is your mind telling you. What does ”leave” mean, where will you go? You are only saying that it is your pattern. My pattern is to run away from the Guru, to leave and abuse. That is it. Nothing else is happening there. You are just going back to the same old methods, the same old pattern.

There was a man who had left and always abused his Guru, in three lifetimes. In this lifetime, the Guru told him, “Stay here as a Swami. I’ll ordain you” but the man ran away. He gave some excuses like the food is not good, the Guru is not smiling, and so on. Some excuse will always be there. Excuses are easy. They are just for your own comfort. They are not reality.

This is the point. We are afraid to break our comfort zones. If I don’t have coffee, it is a big problem.

Question: So, the Guru will never give up on his disciple?

Mohanji: If you can’t receive anything, then why are you sitting in front of me? Looking at me, nothing will happen. As long as I can deliver, I give maximum. I give your highest potential. But if you don’t catch it or use it and still complain, I tell you, ”It’s okay. Go outside and complain.”

We also heard the story about a woman who was with Mohanji for some time but ended up talking very bad about him. She ignored all the good experiences that he gave her. She had a great desire to go on a pilgrimage. Mohanji asked her what was preventing her. She said she had no money. Mohanji sent her money and she completed the pilgrimage. He asked if she was satisfied, and she replied that it was very fulfilling.

She was a divorcee. She met a famous astrologer who told her that a very bad time would soon be coming for her that would last for the next five years. He added that she will get married to a man who will be perverted and very abusive. She got really scared and came to Mohanji and asked, ”Mohanji, what will I do?” He said, “I will see what I can do.”

After this, she attended a marriage. She immediately got fascinated by a man. They lived together for about five weeks. In those five weeks, he beat her up and bent her out of shape. She ran and left. Then, she said: ”My God, it was very bad. That man was very nice looking. Everything was good, but he was a sadist.” Mohanji said, ”Now, go back to the astrologer and ask him.” When she did so, the astrologer said: ”You must be married by now. As per the horoscope, you should have been married and the husband was to be terrible.” She said, ”Yes, I found the man, a terrible man. But I didn’t get married.” Then, she realized that the predicted five years were shrunk to five weeks through Mohanji’s intervention. She deeply thanked him for his grace.

About a year later, she met him again while he was conducting a big program. She had a man with her. She said, ”Mohanji, we are getting married. Please bless us.” Mohanji said: ”Bless you.” He didn’t marry her and absconded with her money. She was furious. She said, “Mohanji is not a Guru. Why couldn’t he save me from this debacle? He could have told me he wasn’t a good person.” She conveniently forgot all the good that he had done for her and called people and told them, “Mohanji could have saved me from this bad episode but didn’t.”

Mohanji said, “She brought that person in front of me. How can I say in front of the man that he is not a good person? She could have asked in private.”

My Thoughts

In 2014, when Mohanji was being heavily criticized, some people took a neutral stance and watched from the sidelines. Even if they had had experiences which should have been told. In further conversations, Mohanji mentioned that everybody is given opportunities to speak their truth. The truth as they understood and experienced, not what somebody else had said or told them to say. Those points in time define a person – the time, space and environment that is given for you to roar your truth. If that opportunity is taken, grace will flow else the energy of your own tamas will pull you back. There will be a right time. If you miss that opportunity, you miss the chance. What needs to be told today, should be told today.

Mohanji further shared, “Once you lose your space, it’s not easy to get it back. Somebody else will replace you. In my case, there will be a constant flow. Once the chance is lost, it is very difficult to get it back. Sometimes people blame me saying, ‘Mohanji threw me away’. That is never the case. The moment somebody takes me for granted or their energy moves into tamas, it’s their action that will create that destiny. They earned it.”

I think these are important notes for anyone following Mohanji to understand. It certainly helps me to keep my vigilance from falling into habits of the mind. My main prayer each day is to remain in gratitude and overcome my own plays of the mind as I know I’m not immune to any of what I’ve shared above. We have a wealth of opportunities available and it’s up to us how we use them.


I share this blog as a service to others so they can also benefit from the insights Mohanji provides whilst in conversation with those who are in physical proximity. Mohanji made a point to ensure this next message was shared, I think it’s a fitting closure.

Always remember this and tell this to people; the Master gives you options. You have to strip your ego before you come in front of the Master. A true Master delivers to everybody as per their capacity to receive. We are talking here about true Masters, not acharyas or teachers. They can only deliver words. But a true Master who has found himself can deliver the best of you. He can make you complete. – Mohanji

Transcribed and edited by Kristina Gabric and Rajesh Kamath


Reaffirm Your Connection This Guru Purnima 2020


Guru Purnima, the full moon in the Hindu month of Ashadha is the day the great sage, Veda Vyasa Krishna Dvaipaayana was born. On this day, he completed the codification and classification of the four Vedas (the ancient scriptures of Hinduism) and the writing of the eighteen Maha Puranas and the Upa Puranas, that contain the narratives about the history of the Universe from creation to destruction and the genealogies of various deities, sages, and so on. In addition, he penned the Brahmasutras to succinctly convey the import of the Upanishads, the part of the Vedas that deals with meditation, philosophy, and spiritual knowledge.

He authored the famous Hindu epic, the Mahabharata which along with the Puranas describes the way of life adjoined in the Vedas, and makes the principal philosophical tenets of Sanatana Dharma (the Eternal Religion) easily accessible for all. His works contain widely chanted hymns such as Sri Vishnu Sahasranama (1008 names of Lord Vishnu) , Sri Lalita Sahasranama (1008 names of the Divine Mother), Sri Shiva Sahasranama (1008 names of Lord Shiva), Sri Durga Saptashati (the glory of the Goddess), among others. He is considered an expansion of Lord Vishnu, the aspect of the Holy Trinity pertaining to preservation of the universe. The birthday of this greatest of Indian sages is celebrated as Guru Purnima, the day for offering obeisances to all the Masters of the Tradition who work selflessly for the welfare and upliftment of all beings.

This day is extremely special and significant for many religions. After attaining enlightenment under the sacred Bodhi tree, Buddha went to Sarnath and delivered his first sermon on this day at Sarnath to five disciples who later spread Buddhism throughout the world. For the Jain religion, their prophet Mahavira chose his first disciple – Gautam Swami – on this day. It is said that Lord Shiva transmitted knowledge to his disciples, the Saptarishis (the seven illustrious) sages and asked them to disseminate that knowledge through the universe. Beginning on this day, Hindu ascetics observe the period of Chaturmas for four months, where they halt at one selected location, follow several restraints, perform penance and austerities and give discourses to the public.

Since ancient times, the Guru has held a place of pride in Sanatana Dharma. The popular Sanskrit phrase “Mata Pitah Guru Daivam” (first comes the mother, then the father, then the Guru and only then God) emphasises the importance of a Guru in one’s life. The couplet from the scriptures conveys the true power of a realized Master, “Gurur Brahma, Gurur Vishnuhu, Guru Devo Maheswaraha, Guru Saakshaat Parabhrahma, Tasmai Sri Gurve Namah” – Guru is the Creator (Brahma),  the Preserver(Vishnu), and the Destroyer (Maheshwara), The Guru is verily the absolute Guru (singular) Lord, Salutations to such a Guru.

Guru Purnima is an important day for the ‘seekers’ – the seekers of the divine wisdom, knowledge, spirituality, peace and greater prudence. This day is dedicated to those Gurus and teachers who made our life valuable and worth living. We offer our prayers and respects to all the great souls who incarnated in the lineage of Gurus to lead us on our spiritual journey along the path of welfare and pay tribute to them by promising to abide by their teachings.

The Present Times

We are in the midst of the Corona pandemic which has far-reaching effects on the physical, mental and economic well being of the individuals, our communities, countries, and the planet as a whole. The astrological situation reflects these times of economic crisis, panic, confusion, fear, insecurity, anxieties, depression and even suicidal behaviour. We have five planets in retrograde – Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Neptune, and Pluto. We have a partial lunar eclipse taking place on the day of Guru Purnima with a total duration of 5 hours, 34 minutes. This is the last lunar eclipse of this year and decade.  Interestingly, we have had 3 eclipses between June 5th and July 5th.

Sant Kabir, the powerful poet-saint, had rightly stated, “Guru ke sumiran maatra se, nashta vighna ananth, Taase sarva aarambh me, Dhyaavat hai sab sant” (Mere remembrance of one’s Guru destroys all obstacles. Hence, even saints remember the Guru before they start any activity). In this time of crisis, we should invoke, propitiate and honor our Guru Mohanji; secure ourselves within His protective grace; and seek the protection, abundance and well-being that is our natural birthright along with the strength, composure, and conviction to face our struggles head-on as well as the grace to shepherd us to our final goal of liberation.

Mohanji’s Guidance

Rather than focus on external activities, one should reaffirm their commitment to their Guru on Guru Purnima which is symbolized by offering dakshina.” Dakshina is usually a monetary offering but can be anything including a flower, a fruit and so on. In the ancient days of the Gurukul (ancient system of education where the students/disciples lived with the Guru as part of the family), the students did not have any earnings. Hence, they would pluck a flower or fruit from the Guru’s garden and offer it as dakshina. As Lord Krishna says in the Bhagavad Gita, “If one offers Me with love and devotion a leaf, a flower or a fruit, I will accept it but know that this already belongs to Me.”

Our Thoughts

We feel that dakshina has two aspects – a physical manifestation that is an energy exchange that supports the natural process of giving and receiving that sustains the universe. Through dakshina, we honor the Guru as the source of grace and wisdom, and acknowledge and support the Guru’s efforts to spread knowledge and light in the world. The symbolic and deeper aspect is one’s commitment to walk the path shown by the Guru with full faith and patience with zero doubts. The ultimate dakshina one can offer to the Guru is oneself and an unflinching commitment to follow the teachings unfailingly with consistency and conviction until one attains liberation, to let go of our comfort zones and do what one has to do rather than what one likes to do, and to go beyond the material aspects of human existence towards a higher life purpose.

Mohanji’s subtle mention of avoiding focus on external activities is an important pointer for us. If we fill up our spiritual regimen with activities and translate time and effort spent on those activities with progress, Mohanji warns us that the focus of these activities is merely another way to entertain the mind. which can be binding. Rather, one should measure progress by the change and transformation in one’s life and the shift in one’s level of awareness. In our Nath tradition, one’s depth of integration with their Guru is considered the only true barometer for progress. 

Guru Purnima is not a day for the Guru but for the follower. It is a time for followers to introspect and clarify their true commitment to the goal of liberation, the path and the Guru. Gurus need no special days as they impart to all who are ready and eligible. The Guru is ready to deliver the highest but they can only pour if the followers are empty. If the followers are full of their own concepts, patterns, blockages, resistances, and so on, and hold onto them for dear life, the Guru has no choice but to wait until the followers choose to let go and become empty. The Guru cannot enter until we open the door from within. We should take the vow to practise the presence of Mohanji in our day to day life as much as possible through remembrance, living his teachings and following his example by inculcating the spirit of “others before self” into our own lives.

What to do

Mohanji’s Satsang

An opportunity to send your Guru Purnima wishes to Mohanji and get your burning questions on spirituality answered by Mohanji!

Please join Mohanji’s Satsang at 4.30pm IST Live on Mohanji Official Facebook, and YouTube!

Register on the link by Saturday (4th July 2020).

Mohanji’s Guru Purnima Message

Tune in for deep spiritual insights by Mohanji, as his message for Guru Purnima will be premiered on Mohanji Official Facebook, and YouTube at 6.30am IST on 5th July 2020.


On this auspicious day, people can do one or more of the following:

  • Offer dakshina (offering) and take blessings of Mohanji (at one’s altar).
    • For donations, please email here for details.
  • Fasting through the day
  • Chanting Mohanji’s mantra or a mantra given by Mohanji (more details in the following section)
  • Listen to the Guru’s words (written or spoken)
  • Read or listen to the follower’s testimonials and experience
  • Singing and listening to bhajans (devotional songs) devoted to the Guru, Mohanji’s music or the names of Mohanji (Amazon | iTunes)
  • Performing selfless service in the Mohanji’s name such as donating food, clothes, essentials to the needy 
  • Paada puja (ritual bathing of the feet) of Mohanji (usually done on a marble or metal representation of the feet) with the five auspicious fluids (milk, ghee, curd, honey, liquid jaggery) and flowers
    • We depict the Guru’s feet, sandals, or likeness as a representation of the ultimate Truth, of which the Guru is an embodiment and we worship them in surrender to that Principle.
  • Prepare a special feast and offer it to Mohanji (either physically or offered on one’s altar)
  • Perform rituals and fire ceremonies at home or in temples in the name of Mohanji 
  • Remembering our teachers and express gratitude for their contribution in our life and our growth.
  • Offer gratitude and pray for the goodness of one and all
  • Read books of the Tradition such as Sai Satcharitra, Guru Charitra, Shripad Shrivallabh Charitamritam and biographies of the saints and sages.


Mohanji has given a mantra to enable a deeper connection to his consciousness. This mantra is extremely powerful and should be given by a Mohanji Acharya. Those desirous of receiving the mantra, please email acharyas@mohanji.org to know more about the steps to receive it and the guidance for correct chanting.

Others can chant the Mohanji Gayatri mantra
Om (the un-manifested Supreme which reflects itself through the many manifested beings)
Parabrahmane Vidhmahay (We recognize (realize) this (the glory) as Parabrahma, the un-manifested Supreme)
Shiva Tattvaaya Dheemahi (We understand (meditate on) that principle of Shiva (state of Shiva))
Thanno Mohan Prachodayaath (That one who is represented, embodied or recognized as Mohan may enlighten us (may lead us to total liberation))

  • Until July 5th, please chant the mantra every day as much as possible to deepen our connection with our Guru, Mohanji. 
  • On July 5th, please try to chant the above mantra during the entire duration of the eclipse (8:37AM to 11:23AM for India). It would be even more beneficial to chant from two hours before the eclipse to two hours after the eclipse (6:37AM to 1:23PM for India).
  • For getting timing and details for your region, please go to https://www.timeanddate.com/eclipse/lunar/2020-june-5 and select your city
  • In addition, one can chant the mantra as much as possible throughout the day and night.

How to Chant

  • The chant is extremely powerful. Please ensure that it is given by a Mohanji Acharya and treated it with proper respect, reverence, and sanctity.
  • It is best to have a bath before the chant. Also, gargle and clean the mouth properly before chanting
  • No eating or drinking during the chanting. Water can be had if very thirsty but best to avoid any intake.
  • Keep the mind pure. Avoid negative thoughts. Keep the focus on Mohanji and your desire to get liberated through deeper integration and merging with Mohanji.
  • Place a picture of Mohanji and light a lamp (or candle) in front of the picture.
  • Concentrate and chant your mantra properly and clearly continuously, occasionally looking at the picture, from the beginning until the end of your chanting session
  • If multiple people are chanting together, it is best for them to chant separately and exclusively using separate pictures (and lamps).
  • Centres and groups should get together to organise chant sessions too during this time.
  • If feeling sleepy
    • Chant the mantra loudly (if in a group, adjust accordingly)
    • Do anulom-vilom (alternate nostril breathing) with the length of exhale twice that of the inhale

When to do

5th July 2020


  • Please send us an inbox message on our Acharyas Facebook page for any queries, feedback, or suggestions or you can add in a comment below.
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Acharyas During Corona: Part 2

By Mohanji Acharyas from Finland, Denmark, India, South Africa, Australia

From 11th to 30th March 2020

This is the part 2 of Mohanji Acharyas’ selfless actions during the Coronavirus pandemic. To read the first part, click here.


MA Nimika conducted 13 online programs (Mai-Tri, chanting for energetically benefiting the world, kids session with storytelling and ‘Freedom’ meditation and short Facebook videos on tips to create awareness) reaching around 1925 people on Facebook and 25 on Google Meet. Nimika shares,

“I received a message from Aditya, asking me to go on Facebook Live. I was terrified at this thought since all my close friends and family would be watching me. I surrendered to the Divine and knowing that there are bigger plans in store for the future, I would need to erase this fear of facing the public. One day, during my regular Consciousness Kriya practice, I was guided to conduct a live Mai-Tri session. As I started going live everyday, I slowly felt the shyness going away and my confidence increasing. Despite some criticism and losing confidence for a moment, I knew that I could not cease my positive actions and just had to continue. Feeling I needed to do more to make a positive impact on Facebook viewers, I prayed to Mohanji to guide me, and that’s how I was guided to create short videos on tips to create awareness. The journey till now has been very intense. A lot of fears have been removed from me and I have gained a lot more awareness now. Even though many times I felt targeted by the negatives to end my sessions, my own faith and the guidance from the Divine kept me going. 

I know there is a lot more to learn and a lot more needs to be done, but with the presence of the Divine, we will all be successful in creating the positive change that is so needed in the society. People have said they felt peaceful and relaxed after my sessions.”

The Unity of Mohanji Acharyas


MA Ulla conducted 9 programs in Danish (Online Mai-Tri, ‘Power of Purity’ meditation, puja (spiritual practice of worshiping a guru or a deity), mantra/devotional songs singing, Satsang (friendly discourse) on the topic ‘Positivitet imod alle odds’ which in Danish means ‘Positivity against all odds’ where she addressed the things we can do to change our mindset into a positive approach, reading of the ‘Power of Purity’ book, reading Mohanji‘s message on Coronavirus).

Ulla shares,

“I think none of us were prepared for the urgent call for action from Mohanji when it came. I wondered how I would be able to take action online, as I did not have any online experience as a person or with the media portals such as Facebook live or Zoom. I felt highly uncomfortable having to go public and live. Deep fears started arising. I am very grateful to Mohanji for giving me the opportunity to confront those fears and limitations and prove them wrong. It only strengthened me and my purpose. I am happy that with online events, I can now reach more people, make more people aware of the existence of Mohanji Foundation, Mohanji’s teachings and programs than before.
In Online Mai-Tri, two of the participants had never heard about Mohanji before. The overall response of the session was positive, people feeling relaxed as if a burden was taken off their chest. Bodily reactions such as jerks were reported too.
I use this opportunity to connect to people afterward the session. I feel that with the Corona crisis and Mohanji’s call for action and online events, finally we have an opportunity to connect to Danish people and hopefully eventually create a community. With many positive responses on Facebook live, even requests to do more online events and the overall interest for our activities in Denmark increasing, I will certainly keep conducting sessions online even if the Corona crisis ends.”

To follow more content in Danish, please follow the Mohanji Denmark page on Facebook!”

Mohanji Acharyas


MA Rajesh Kamath conducted a very special 9-day homa (sacred ritual of deep energy cleansing with the fire element as the main divine agent of cleansing) during the morning hours in Bengaluru. This happened during Navaratri (nine day Indian festival celebrating Divine Mother) from 25th to 2nd April and was broadcast live every day on the Mohanji Official Facebook page. The ceremony was performed in Mohanji‘s physical proximity, tremendously enhancing the inner transformation. Rajesh shares, 

“We thank the attendees of the Navaratri homa. With Mohanji‘s inspiration and grace, the response has been spectacular. 

Each day, we averaged 30,000 reach, 5500 engagements, 200 peak viewers, 7500 unique viewers who spent 23,000 minutes. Total for 9 days, 253,000 reach who spent 210,511 minutes with around 50,000 engagements. Many thanks to the people who made it happen – Acharyas George, Devi, Ananth, and Jelena. Most importantly – Mohanji, who was always working tirelessly behind the scenes, has cleansed and cleared tons of baggage through the homa, thus effecting extremely powerful transformations for the participants (whether they realised it or not).”

Experience sharings by the participants:

Asma, Iran: During the first three days of Navaratri Homa, I prayed to Mother Kali to make me free from any anger and emotions. So I was feeling so anxious those three days and didn’t like to talk to anyone. But after I attended all the Navaratri Homa, I now feel so light, even weightless. My soul is so calm. This was a long time wish to attend a Fire Ceremony but it was fulfilled by Mohanji’s grace.”

Aylam Sundareswaran Rajkumar, India: “Thank you, Mohanji, for doing this homa. Every day, I was getting darshan (vision) of a particular fiery Navadurga deity. I felt most of the negative elements gone. The presence of Mahavatar Babaji and many other masters was also felt and seen. The result of negative attacks done by a colleague 30 years ago was removed. I had told you, Mohanji ,during my Kailash trip last year when we first met, that I always used to ‘see’ you before that. Now I understand the reason why. Great spiritual masters used you for removing the negative attacks.”

Nirupma, India: I attended the homa every day, experiencing it as very powerful and for the first time felt the vertical connection building up during the chanting.” 

Helena Bjelaković, Croatia: “I attended the homa only on the first day but I felt the energy even during all other days as if I was there. It was interesting that on that day, I smelled smoke on several occasions. Every day I was feeling  more energy and the determination that I want to work on myself more.”

Mina Obradovic, Serbia: Mere words are insufficient in expressing my gratitude to Mohanji for organizing the Homa. It came at the perfect time, exactly when I needed it the most. I attended all 9 days, though I fell asleep a couple of days. As instructed in the guidelines on how to attend Homa, I set my intentions every day before starting to chant. My intention included the healing for me and many people close to me. One of them who I intended to benefit from the Homa experienced transformation afterwards – she who insulted another person and while being a person who never apologizes or introspects, admitted she was wrong and apologized. This was big news for me, and I knew the Homa had something to do with it. This person’s pride somehow reduced a lot – she was now more humble, open and more friendly towards everyone. She also started expressing much more love than before, like a child, innocently and freely. I was simply amazed. Mohanji’s power can literally move mountains!”

Izabela Jovovic, Serbia: I personally attended all 9 nights. At Zoom meditations, I talked to meditators about the Homa, what it represents, what are the benefits and my experiences of the first 2 days. I also shared the information with people who did not attend Zoom meditations. 10 of them then joined the Homa. Everyone who spoke to me had a very nice experience and great energy cleansing during chanting. They confirmed they had difficulty in chanting focusing on the chakras (energy centers in our body) where they felt the most blockages, with laughter and tears. I hope I will write a longer blog about personal experiences about this Homa. So many deep insights, so much of burden released (physically and energetically) and great enjoyment in chanting. Each energy center and mantra were stories for themselves. Lord Rama’s last mantra literally carried me!”

Ekaterina Nestorovska, Macedonia: “I participated two times. After the first time, I felt light and so energized that I couldn’t fall asleep after it, even though the homa timing in my country was from 1:30 to 4 am. One lady who was new to Mohanji‘s teachings but was joining everyday, said it was so wonderful and that she left like a feather. She said she thinks a lot of stuff got burned from within. Even though she is a newcomer, she connected instantly and is eager to join all the activities.”

Chai, UK: “The 9-day homa conducted by Acharya Rajesh happened to fall right in the time of my online program schedule which was tight. Another challenge was that in my time zone, it was starting at half-hour past midnight. I managed to join one full session. My access to the internet is only via my cell phone. And the mobile phone connection data had almost finished. So I had  to save the remaining 2GB data for the daily 7 am programs while waiting for the new phone package to be activated. On the second day, I only stayed on the homa till I learned the chant, and then turned off the mobile data. I was worrying about the next day’s program, because the process of porting the phone from one company to another would take 2 working days after activation, which is usual. So, on the day of waiting, no translation, no internet was allowed. In the late afternoon, I had a thought that maybe I could talk to Mohanji. Going into my prayer room, I talked to Mohanji about the situation casually, like talking to a friend. Then forgetting about it, I moved on to cooking and dinner. After about 3 hours, I checked my phone and couldn’t believe my eyes! I was seeing the internet data sign shown on the top left corner on the screen – 2 days turned out to be only 2 hours! Wow! Ha ha! No surprise! Only Mohanji can do it. Miracles do happen with M power. The only thing is – are we ready to comprehend?”

Ljiljana Petrovic, Canada: “I participated in all 9 days of Navaratri homa, performed by Acharya Rajesh. In spite of internet connection issues, I felt I was there with them. The chanting performed by other Acharyas was so powerful, very strong and receptive. Mohanji‘s presence was felt strongly. I kept pictures of my family members and friends beside me and I thought about so many people that I know, wishing them all to be with me, to benefit from the homa. Description and intention of each homa was very well explained by Mohanji Acharya Devi Mohan. Sometimes the very strong singing of a special bird was incorporated in the whole scenario, as if it was chanting along with us. Especially on day 7 of homa. I was wishing I knew the meaning, since the bird’s presence was indicating some connection. Also during those days, I noticed indications of personal cleansing at every level for which I am very grateful to Mohanji who opened the door for me to enter.”

Laurie, USA: “While watching and chanting along during the Homa, I always felt connected to strength and it greatly relieved any anxiety I was feeling.  I also would feel tremendous energy changes at times when Rajesh was appearing to pray and while getting the coconut ready to sacrifice to the fire.  I knew it was helping me on many levels whether I can articulate it or not.  Above all it was a great comfort.”

[From USA, name withheld]: “Hi, I wanted to share my experience of the Navratri homa. I started logging into Facebook only on the 4th day and that too for about 30 minutes at the end. But the experience was so powerful and I felt such strong vibrations that I almost thought it was an earthquake! I then went into a trance for at least 20 minutes. It was magical. On the last day of the homa, I attended for the entire 2:30 hours and felt very very light – almost like I could fly. I sincerely thank the entire team – Mohanji, Deviji and the entire Mohanji family who made this possible.”

Bhavani Nair, USA: “I did attend all nine days of Homa and experienced peace and deep connections at the time. Towards the last few days, when we were moving up the chakras, I experienced just extreme sleepiness as I was chanting. It started happening from heart chakra (energy center in our body) onwards. I was extremely fatigued and passed out while chanting for 10-15 mins. When we came to the throat chakra, I experienced some type of energy forming in my throat as if I was getting sick. I passed out at the end of the homa while chanting and woke up after hearing Father’s (Mohanji‘s) Gayatri mantra. In the last few days I just experienced some energy in the crown (top of the head) and the higher chakras. I remember feeling fatigue, pains, and headache. Sometimes I wondered if I had contracted Covid-19! My husband Bimal had been sick since the start of Navratri and watching him in a helpless state brought out some not-so-good emotions in me.  I was feeling that all the work had just fallen on my lap. It was just an extreme 9 days with Acharya work, kids, home, him being sick and participating in the homa late at night. It was a very purifying time though, I believe, and only deep reflections will bring forth the changes that have taken place in each one of us. Thank you to Divine Mother (who was being celebrated during Navaratri) for helping us all in these times and Father (Mohanji) for always holding our hand and walking with us.”

Bimal Nair, USA: “The night before the start of Navratri, I was working at the airport finishing up the work week as the pandemic was sweeping down into NY, and affecting all life matters,  especially air travel. I finished my duties though my wife was concerned and wished that I stay home since I was very tired. Looking forward to my days off with the family, I came home in the morning and went about the day. A little after noon time, I started to get chills. The chills led to a fever and I knew I was not well. The evening came and I was in full sickness mode wearing  multiple layers of clothes, blanket, and holding a hot cup of water to keep me warm. The first night of the Navratri Homa was beginning and I participated as there was nothing else for me to do. Second day came the same way, as I curled up in the corner of the couch as I watched Rajesh perform the Homa with chanting from all the people there in Bangalore. I would stay up as much as possible during the Homa, but I do remember nodding off here and there, maybe it was my sickness, maybe it was the energy of the Homa but I could not keep my eyes open the whole time. Night after night, I was there witnessing the Homa – it was almost a ritual for the whole week, a routine where everything was planned around the Homa. The fever continued the whole week, all nine days and more as of now. The situation with my sickness was that although it did not go away, it never got worse either!

 I do have faith that it was the Homa that prevented the sickness from taking over. This is the first time ever in my life where I was literally shut down, so I could participate in such a Homa. Navratris have come and gone but this was no ordinary event. I believe this one kept me and my family safe from darker times. Now that it is over and I have gotten tested for the dreaded virus and we are awaiting the results, I feel it does not matter –  I know all is taken care of. The Guru Mandala and the tradition keeps its children protected. I don’t know what I would have done, had it not been for this Homa that kept me safe and sane when I needed it the most. Thank you all in Bangalore for making this happen and thank you Father Mohanji for all that you do for us!”

Jayashree Mukund, USA : “I was able to feel the extremely high energies from the Homa and it was very transforming on the personal level.”

Geeta Iyer, USA: “Felt high energies over my Sahasrara (energy center of our body on top of the head), almost all the 9 days, when I sat to chant along and also after the end of homa each day.”

MA Devadas conducted 6 programs (group chanting, ‘The Power of Purity’ book reading, ‘Blossoms of Love’ meditation) in Malayalam language with a total of 1384 views and 558 engagements. The participants found the ‘Power of Purity’ book reading profound and some of them said they felt their doubts clearing while listening to the topics from the book.

MA Revathy conducted 6 programs of online chanting with the total reach of 1046 people.

MA Arpana conducted 13 programs (11 online Mai-Tri sessions, 2 ‘Blossoms of Love’ meditations), with around 90 participants total. Arpana shares, 

Many participants said they felt very positive after the chanting and meditations and that the vibrations after the chants were very powerful. They said the OM chanting took them to a different level and they felt very peaceful and calm after that.”

MA Kishore conducted 15 programs (6 Mahamrityunjaya Mantra Chanting, 9 Gayatri Mantra Chanting and ‘Power of Purity’ book reading ) with a total of 1114 views. Kishore shares,

I have received a feedback request to continue with the sessions and I myself have felt the stability within me growing through the chanting of these mantras and the reading of ‘Power Of Purity’ book.”

MA Hemkant conducted 7 online Mai-Tri sessions which were viewed by 200 people. Hemkant shares,

“I received approval as a Mai-Tri practitioner in January 2020 but could not start practice. While attending Acharya training with Deviji in Bangalore, Mohanji empowered all the Mai-Tri practitioners to conduct online Mai-Tri sessions. Gratitude to Mohanji for this blessing as it helped me to start my Mai-Tri seva. Mohanji had also conveyed to me telepathically on the 17th, “Go online. Show your face to the world that you exist as Mohanji Acharya.”

After attending the Bangalore training, I had planned to go to Kuruvapur and then to Pune for the Acharya program on 21st March 2020. Due to the pandemic, this Acharya program got postponed and there was some confusion as to whether to go to Kuruvapur or not. Finally, on 16th March 2020, I had a strong feeling (which I know was guided by Mohanji) to travel back to Vadodara as there could be the possibility of getting stuck. This guidance was well before the lockdown news which had come around 25th March. Getting stuck at one place would also have meant that I would have most likely been unable to conduct online programs. Hence I left Bangalore on 17th March itself, by train via Pune-Mumbai route. During this travel of two nights and a day, there was absolutely no space for fear or anxiety. I felt fully protected with Mohanji’s energies around me.

After reaching Vadodara, I began conducting the online programs, first on Zoom with friends and then shifted to Facebook as it was easy to use, with video recording facility without any additional setup or difficulty.

Initially there was a lot of struggle while conducting online sessions. Sometimes the internet was not working or getting disconnected often. It happened twice that my laptop just switched off in the middle of the online session. Once during meditation, the voice coming out of the wifi speaker was muffled or was getting cut off.  And sometimes my young son would disturb me etc. I don’t know what exactly all this was about, but some type of challenge was always present until I finally got settled online.

After a couple of days from the start of the online events, I had the opportunity to attend an online Mai-Tri session with Mina. This was of great help. I realized that I need to be interactive. And when I started online programs this way, it was a great experience to be calm, confident and it settled my mind well. Mina’s session also gave me good clarity on how to conduct an online Mai-Tri session and from the next day onwards, with Father’s grace, I could start conducting online Mai-Tri sessions in Hindi. Deviji’s online Mai-Tri sessions also helped me understand the golden dome process much better. Many thanks to Mina and Deviji.

I had a few experiences after online sessions started. On one day, I could smell some fragrance and on another day, I was feeling a very deep connection with Mohanji. Another time, I had a vision whilst conducting an online Mai-Tri session that many masters are there around Mother Earth and that they are all healing her. Mother Earth was getting filled up with divine white bright light from all sides. I could also see Mohanji behind me, sending healing energy. Suddenly, I then saw a Goddess above Mother Earth, in ‘ugra svaroopa’ or fierce posture holding a trident pointing at something. I kept seeing this form of the Goddess for many days. My wife says that she feels if she is experiencing the ‘Life is Beautiful’ movie, since amidst all the negativity around. there is nothing but positivity in our home.

On 21st March, my 11-year-old son, Soham shared his feeling that this virus has been created by nature so that all humans become vegetarian. Interestingly, we have never had any discussions pertaining to this topic, so it was Soham’s own understanding. I am convinced this understanding must have been given to him by Father Mohanji! Deep gratitude to Mohanji for providing such a wonderful platform so we are able to serve even without leaving our homes. Thank you, dear Father, thank you Mohana Sai for being with us, inspiring us, empowering us, nurturing us, protecting us, making us messengers of positivity in the midst of negativity around.”

MA Preeti Duggal conducted 12 programs (1 online chanting, 11 online chanting and Mai-Tri method) with a total of about 4000 views. Preeti shares,

After the first chanting session itself, people responded with their appreciation of the session and they said they felt motivated to do it at their homes too. They mentioned the deep  calmness within afterwards. After the Mai-Tri sessions, several people reported that they were able to sense a lot of releases happening.

Listed below are just a few of the many responses to the sessions:

  • One of the attendees, a woman, was going through a lot of fear and anxiety as one of her family members was in the hospital because of the Coronavirus, and the remaining 7 were quarantined at home. She had been unable to sleep for days because of fear and anxiety. But after she started attending the sessions all her fears were released, she could focus well and felt a lot more strength to handle the situation.


  • A woman who is in her early pregnancy was feeling very low and filled with fears about the future, but after attending the sessions released those fears. She could connect with Mohanji and felt the protection for herself and the baby.


  • During one of the sessions, one person felt the presence of Babaji and Mohanji together holding her hand. She said she was in tears the entire session, and felt much lighter and happier after that release.


  • One woman who attended had some issues with her in-laws. In one of the sessions, I asked for people to forgive everyone in their lives, even those who had given them pain. She forgave her in-laws and after a couple of hours, the father-in-law passed away peacefully. She was happy that she had been able to release that pain and the burden and said she was sure that with Mohanji’s Grace, her father-in-law also felt better and could leave the body peacefully.


  • A man who attended had a history of conflict with his late father since childhood, and had  not reconciled with his father till his passing. So he was harboring a lot of guilt and pain because of which he could not sleep and had stomach issues too. But during one of the sessions, he felt his father was with him and smiling. He could feel his guilt getting released and now he is much better and his issues have greatly reduced. He asked for a distance healing which I did, and with Father’s Grace, he could release even more baggage connected to the father-son relationship issue.


  •  A man after attending the session for two days had a lot of body pains, especially around the shoulders and neck but by the fifth session all pains got released and he was feeling much lighter and happier.


  • A lady was on medication for severe arthritis and had not been able to bend her knee for months. But during one session her knee could bend easily and she even sat cross legged for the entire session! She realised this after the session ended.
    Many more people messaged me about their fears, and anxiety related to the Coronavirus, their future, jobs and financial situations but they were feeling so much better after the sessions and looked forward to attending every day.
    For about 6 people who were attending the sessions, I had to do a distance healing too after the session.”

MA Rekha Murali conducted 19 sessions (9 online chanting of Gayatri Mantra and Mahamrityunjaya mantra, 1 online Mai-Tri, 9 Satsangs (friendly discourses)). Rekha shares,

The entire Mohanji family swung into action on Mohanji’s inspiration to conduct various programs within our capacity to reach out to people to help them face the Corona virus crisis. 

Mohanji India started with a half hour chanting every night targeting the major cities to overcome the panic and fear and spread light and love in this world. This was planned on Zoom. However as there were not many takers for Zoom, all of us shifted to FB live.

It felt a little strange on the first day but soon my faith and surrender helped me overcome this feeling and I was able to connect with ease.  The chanting was fairly simple and by the time we finished the 108 times of chanting, time would pass quickly.

Soon I took up an online session of Mai-Tri method for the well-being of Mother Earth. With this, I started feeling more comfortable speaking and addressing others.  This session gave me ideas to take things further with Mohanji’s grace and I decided to do something different.

So, I started a satsang with the intention of reading the Maha Sudarshana Mantra eleven times each day for 11 days. The Maha Sudarshana Mantra is an extremely powerful  and auspicious Mantra that removes all the unnecessary elements in life and improves the overall well-being. It can be chanted for 9, 11 or 21 days. My sankalpa was to chant this for 11 days to remove fear from people’s lives and for peace on Mother Earth. Along with this, I took up reading excerpts from the ‘Power of Purity’ book and meditation. 

Each morning at 9 am, I was prompt and ready to chant with the group. Initially, it seemed pretty easy although I would prepare sincerely and choose topics carefully. I noticed that the topics were just flowing connecting one to the other and that I was able to relate it with my experiences. The topics that I chose were regarding conflicts, challenging times, followed by reacting and responding, duality and ended with purity on the four levels of physical, mind, intellect and spiritual. On the last day, we ended with the topic of searching for a Guru. It flowed smoothly and I was amazed at how dear Mohanji had orchestrated the whole thing seamlessly.

My personal experience on chanting the Sudarshana Mantra was amazing. I started with gusto and was enjoying the chant. It is a mantra that removes all the unnecessary elements in our lives purifying us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  I was under the illusion that all was well with me and I could just chant and talk to people. Soon the chanting had its effect on me. It was clearing things from very deep layers within. When I would chant, my entire body would pulsate with energy and I even had a vision of Maha Vishnu once while chanting online. 

Although I was prompt and happy to chant each morning, during the course of the day, I had a lot of negative feelings coming up. I started feeling worthless, unwanted, unloved. I would just tear up whenever I had some quiet time to myself. I plunged into more and more MF activities and this too did not help. The sadness persisted. I requested a Mai-Tri healing and that accelerated the removal of these elements within me. Within a day, I was back to my cheerful self and that happened to be the last day of the Maha Sudarshana Mantra chanting!  I was able to share this experience with the people that morning.

Each word of Mohanji’s from the ‘Power of Purity’ book was assisting me, helping me contemplate, replace the negative feelings and thoughts with positive ones and that was what kept me going through the 11 days. Mohanji patiently allowed me to clear all the negatives and held my hand as I did my morning satsang. 

My sincere gratitude to Mohanji and a big ‘Thank You’ to all those who were present and chanted with me those 11 days. My heartfelt gratitude to Mohanji and the Tradition for blessing me with this opportunity to complete a sankalpa with all the participants.

The satsang not only cleared aspects in me, I, as an instrument, was able to reach out to many others. People wrote back saying that each day the reading and chant felt as though it had been tailored for them. I share here two experiences by a friend who lives in the Middle East:

“I thoroughly enjoyed the topic being read today. My life too has been a nomadic one since I left Singapore 8 yrs ago, and the past 3 yrs have been full of change. I used to be in Singapore for a month and in Dubai for a month, managing kids in one place and in-laws in another. In the process, many many transitions like friends, objects and relatives fell away. After spending 20 yrs in Singapore where I used to think I had truckloads of friends, the passing years have taught me or shown me my true friends. It has been a lesson truly: out of sight and out of mind. Hard-hitting but relevant. Amidst all this change is when I met Mohanji. And having met Him and being associated with Him and listening to Him, my life has taken a 360-degree turn. How-and-when type of expectations dropped and life became fuller, richer and simpler, I can’t pinpoint exactly how but it’s certainly lighter and peaceful. I can only marvel at Him for chiseling me in such a lovely manner. Utter gratitude..Every time I manage to log in to your reading, I feel it’s just for me.” – anonymous from Middle East

“Dear Rekha, I heard your session today and again it put to rest many questions in the heart. Mohanji‘s simple and straightforward replies are like a salve to the soul. Yes, in this path there have been waves of joys and sorrows and deep- seated issues have risen from within especially in the last few days. I have offered all these as offerings into the Homa. Just feeling grateful for all activities done by Mohanji Acharyas that helps one confront and release unnecessary baggage in these chaotic times. It makes the journey so much lighter and brings in renewed confidence to wait for life to unfold as it has to, knowing fully well that my Guru holds my hand through all the trials and tests. I guess the days I need to get some spiritual downloads from Him, it has been made possible by Him through you. Can’t thank you enough for doing this for the past 9 days. Gratitude to Guru Mandala, Mohanji and you as his lovely instrument”

“Thank you so much! Simply love listening to you. Lots of love, Rekhaji” – Indrani Acharya

“Thoroughly enjoyed the reading..change is the only constant in life”- Padmini Ravi Kumar:

Besides this, on 2nd April I had an opportunity to do a satsang in Tamil. I was a little nervous as my vocabulary in Tamil is not too good. But with Mohanji’s grace, it seemed effortless and the talk flowed freely. Thank you, Mohanji!

Overall, it has been a huge lesson for me. I have been on my toes, busy with many activities and have learned to value time. The transformation, the peace and calm within are tremendous. I am now learning to live in the moment, burying the past with no worry of the future!”

MA Nirupma conducted a couple of Facebook live sessions of Satsang and chanting. Later on, she started writing articles inspired by Mohanji on Facebook and received a very good response and was viewed by around 1022 people. She also writes poetry inspired by Mohanji’s teachings in Hindi.

Nirupama shares,

“I started working for ‘karuna for the Corona virus’ mission after my return from Bangalore Acharya training with Devi. In my small way, inspired by Mohanji’s teachings, I am helping the people around me and around India. For a few days, I did FB live satsang and chants in the morning and at night at 10 pm. And a Mai-Tri session, but could not continue offering this due to unavoidable circumstances.

I have written the following articles inspired by Mohanji’s teaching on my Facebook page.

– Healing Mother Earth

– Root cause of sickness

– Blossom in Love

– Be Together Be Love

– Present Scene of J&K

– Chant! Chant! Chant!

– Time to Unlock

 I also wrote poetry in Hindi inspired by Mohanji’s teachings:

– कृतज्ञत , a poem expressing gratitude towards nature

– ‘Viyras’ about how a small virus has come to alert humans to leave greed and live in harmony with other beings

-‘ Shunye’ based on Mohanji‘s teaching explaining how a scattered mind changes into a unit when settled and then dissolves  

– ‘Jai Ma Durgaa’, praise to Ma Durga

– “Anand hi anand” explaining how one is in complete bliss when totally with Guru. Whether you are awake or sleeping, Guru is with you and transforms you so you become one with his consciousness. 

– “Chodne hain tou chod nisha” explains about not living life for the worldly self but being in Guru’s grace, living life for others and attaining self so that one becomes an example for others.

– “Ram jai jai Ram” explaining about Lord Ram as the cause of my existence.

I did a reading of Durga Stuti for all the nine days of Navratri, the translation in Hindi of Durga Saptashati, a Sanskrit text of 700 verses praising Ma Durga. It explains how Durga, Ma Kali  have the power of all the gods, and how the various demons were killed so the gods could live peacefully. It also explains how the  goddess helps mortal beings by fulfilling their wishes, protecting them from diseases and taking away all fears. 

I prayed for the welfare of humanity at large, to release people from fear of the coronavirus and  chanted Gayatri Mantra and Mahamrityunjay mantra 108 times every day.

Hope to continue in my small way, adding value to society.”

Mohanji With Mohanji Acharyas


MA Milica conducted 7 programs (3 ‘Power of Purity’ meditations with Satsang (friendly discourses), 2 group Mai-Tri method sessions, online chanting session, ‘Freedom’ meditation) with a total of 173 participants and she recorded one motivational video inspired by MohanjiMilica shares, 

Going online was really going out of the comfort zone for me but it was truly liberating once it all started. Mohanji‘s energy was felt in each session and was truly transforming. Response from participants was absolutely amazing and all shared how it is helping them so much. Most comments were how light and peaceful they felt. One participant said I am loving lockdown with sessions like this.
I personally had two incredible experiences. First was during a Mai-Tri group session where I witnessed light covering me inside and out. I felt expanded and light even the next day. Each cell in my body felt so alive and buzzing in the light. I find Mai-Tri such a blessing in these times as we easily get influenced by heavy emotions around us.
Mohanji has shown us His presence and blessed us all as all participants felt the same bright light. Another experience was during chanting Maha Vishu chant for the whole world to be well and protected. Mohanji South Africa organised this event and we all took turns to chant continuously for 12 hours. I had been very unwell that morning and had aches and pains all over my body but when I started chanting, I became so energized and recovered totally. The mantra hasn’t stopped playing in my head. I immediately recorded a video of my experience to motivate other people to join in too.
First session of Mai-Tri was opened by a friend who has coronavirus and she shared how much the one-on-one Mai-Tri session and previous session of ‘Power of Purity’ meditation have helped her and how she is recovering so fast. She wrote a powerful testimonial the same day expressing her gratitude to Mohanji. All participants were so deeply touched by her sharing and Mohanji’s powerful energy during the session that followed and transformed us all. It was unforgettable.”

A participant on one of my online Mai-Tri sessions shares, 

Towards the end, my eyes were softly drenched in tears. It was a deeply moving experience, hard to put into words. Something was happening within me. Mohanji with His celestial entourage, our Datta Sampradaya, was at work. The wondrous energies in my body were shifting into higher gears. From head to toe, I suddenly became alive on the inside. I went into a very expanded state. The divine electric currents within me were (and still are as I write this) acutely palpable. My body heated up, and grace was flowing through by way of the electric currents running through me. I felt SWITCHED ON…”

Another person who was diagnosed with Covid-19 and attended all my online sessions shared her experience of healing here.”

MA Sjarn conducted 8 online programs (group Consciousness Kriya, ‘Blossoms of Love’ meditation, online Mai-Tri Method, group chanting) with the reach of 110 people in just 3 sessions. Sjarn shares, 

“Some participants of the online Mai-Tri Method shared their experience. One said she felt like a laser of light going through her. One reported later that it actually helped her Consciousness Kriya practice when she experienced seeing the great Mahavatar Babaji. One said the energy during Mai-Tri was intense and focused and that in Mohanji‘s energy she felt centered. Another who experiences stress because of her work situation, low immunity and lack of energy to cope, felt she lost the sense of connection to the divine, and after the session reported she felt deep relaxation as the Mai-Tri energy reached her and she said a burden and weight was lifted off her. She was very intrigued as to how this Mai-Tri knew what to release from her system. She felt the session was still releasing blockages from her even after it ended. One could also feel the stress was lifted off her. A man messaged to say that the Mai-Tri had helped him through his break-up and difficult circumstances around it.”

MA Sameera Khan conducted 3 programs (1 ‘Power of Purity’ meditation, 1 Online Yoga and 1 chanting session). She was a co-host with MA Milica Bulatovic for the meditation session. 

Sameera shares,

“After the meditation session one of my WhatsApp acquaintances had mentioned that he really enjoyed the meditation, another mentioned that she thoroughly enjoyed the meditation without me even asking her!” 

After my Online Yoga for Calm and Inner Peace session, the video received 65 Likes/ Loves and 351 Views from my personal page alone. One viewer mentioned that this was, “So cool”  that she can just walk directly from her bed into a live Yoga class :). Others were thankful that they could at least practice and attentively learn the asanas within the comfort of their own home. This is a huge relief for many who appreciate physical activity but do not have the means at home. 

I do feel people need to be somewhat physical at home as well as this can boost their immunity and mental stability. Traditional Yoga is especially important for maintaining both internal and external immunity. Thank you to my Master Brahmarishi Mohanji and our late Yoga Guru, Sanjay Sir for inspiring me to continue and spread the traditional teachings of Yoga.

On March 31st, South Africa conducted a day of Maha Vishnu’s Chant of “Om Namo Bhagavathe Vaasudevaya”. This was a continuous day of chanting, with chanters chanting from 30 minutes to 1 hour online. Amazing energy and inspiration came out of this and myself continued mentally chanting even after our chosen time slot. The vibration of immense peace and stillness could be felt throughout the day. Due to the positive vibrations felt amongst the chanters, South Africa is currently planning another full day of chanting 😉

Jai Gurudev, Jai Mohanji for making this possible. This was definitely not possible especially with the many challenges arising such as technical issues and personal issues regarding confidence and nervousness of online activities. For many of us, trusting and going with the flow with complete surrender to Mohanji was the only means by which all of this materialised. 

Pranams at thy Lotus Feet

In Love and Light”

MA Maheshwari conducted 15 sessions (8 online Mai-Tri, 1 ‘Power of Purity’ meditation, 6 chanting and reading ‘Power of Purity’ book) with a total of around 2500 views.

The Love of Mohanji Acharyas


MA Sonia conducted 6 programs in total (chanting and Bhajans session, online Mai-Tri Method) with around 1272 people who joined or viewed. Sonia shares,

“Personally, public speaking was always the biggest block for me and throat chakra (energy center in our body) consistently inconsistent in expressing myself, since a very young age. When all of us received the message from Mohanji to go live and do online programs following the lockdowns that happened globally, I knew that it was now time for change and it was only with Mohanji’s grace that it all flowed through. Yes, there were challenges, from throat being blocked, to internet connection dead for almost 12 days now, to feeling sick in the stomach, having to change laptop 5 minutes before the session due to technology problems to sneezing badly one hour before the session. But nothing stopped me from going live, once I accepted that this fear had controlled me for too long and it was time to let go. There is nothing to lose when Mohanji is holding my hand and guiding through. 

Once I wore the Acharya Mala (sacred beads blessed for Acharyas), Father took over and it all flowed through, no more sneezing, nothing at all. 20 people joined online and had beautiful experiences. Personally for me, I felt a lot of light in the room and heart expansion, Mohanji’s presence was felt throughout. The next day I was asked to do Facebook Live, which I had never used before. This was a breakthrough for me – to go online and speak to unknown people out there, who I can’t see. On top of it, I still had a sore throat. I surrendered it all to Mohanji and went ahead with it. It was very beautifully received, just like the session before that. Some old Facebook friends joined and were very appreciative of the session.

I also did my first fundraising online experience, sharing and singing bhajans (devotional songs) session for Ammucare Charitable Trust on 2nd April to help raise funds in this tough time, as they reach out to thousands of people to provide meals on the table. This was well received and reached 314 people, and I will be sharing more on this. I surrender it all to my beloved Guru Mohanji, who is the inspiration, facilitator and the doer in all the actions. Attendees of the online programs I conducted were very pleased and expressed words of gratitude. They said it was beautiful, intense, angelic, blissful. Some said they were out of senses and in another world and that they are looking forward to more such sessions. Some got goosebumps hearing me chanting.”

MA Rakshitha conducted 30 sessions (16 sessions of Mahamrityunjaya mantra chanting, 13 sessions of Gayatri mantra chanting, 1 session for chants of Nirvana Shatakam, Hanuman Chalisa and a couple of devotional songs) with a total of about 620 participations. Rakshitha shares,

Usually when I conduct the monthly meditations at Sai Mandir here in Melbourne, I go very blank and allow Mohanji to take over. Many times a lot of information comes through my voice-box, information that I would not even have known until that time and very new to me. I have clarified a couple of these with Mohanji, asking if this was true, to ensure I was not bluffing  and he has confirmed that the messages that came through me were correct.

During the 15th March meditation at Sai Mandir, when we finished with the breathing exercises and short Mai-Tri session, I was suddenly telling people that we were going to chant 41 days of Gayatri Mantra & Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra for the world – one in the morning and the other in the evening. I was even asking for volunteers to help me set up Zoom ID and help me with chanting. Within a few minutes we had 3 people who had volunteered ( of the 7 that attended the session) and we kick-started the chanting sessions the very next day.

Everyday at 6 am since 19th of March, we have been chanting the Gayatri Mantra for purification and protection. There are 2 girls who have taken up the chanting on alternate days and I remain as their backup. I do all the groundwork for them (Whatsapp messages, posters, screen sharing etc.) and serve as their backup and chant with them every single day. We regularly have 6-8 people who join us for this session.

In the evenings at 8.30 pm since 16th March, we have been chanting the Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra for relieving stress and fear everyday. We do have few people who expressed their interest to take the lead of chanting on certain days and we happily offer them to be the voice for the day. The day where no one has offered to chant, I chant them myself during the Zoom sessions. So far I have done about 7 chanting sessions by myself. The remaining days I do all the groundwork, give the opening and closing comments on a few days. We have about 12-15 participants who join us regularly for all sessions.

On 22nd March, I went live on my Facebook profile offering some chants (Nirvana Shatakam, Hanuman Chalisa and a couple of devotional songs) in the form of music.

Apart from the above, during March I have offered 3 online sessions for my work colleagues, 2 of them were online Mai-Tri sessions, one session teaching them various breathing techniques to achieve inner balance and de-stress, and one Conscious Walking session. Everyday I spend about 1-2 hours speaking to friends/ family/ acquaintances around me spreading positivity, and doing counseling sessions as these are stressful times. Most of them were attended by 5-6 participants.

I have sent a few messages on Whatsapp stressing the importance of chanting, and also clarifying the 3 levels of protection one must do during such sensitive times (Energy level protection, emotional protection & physical protection), which were well received by everyone and I received a lot of personal thank-you messages, asking for permissions to forward the same to their circles.

I would also like to confess here that though all the above seems like Rakshitha has done it, there was nothing that Rakshitha actually did, other than being present herself physically. They were  all happening through my physical body. There is only one doer and one creator and HE IS MY DATTA SWAROOP PARABRAHMA MOHANJI. With absolute surrender at his Lotus Feet.”

Mohanji representing Purity



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Acharyas Act On Compassion During Corona: Part 1

By Mohanji Acharyas from Canada, UK, USA, Peru, Serbia, Macedonia, Croatia

From 11th to 30th March 2020

Inspired by Mohanji’s proclamation of  “Karuna during Corona” during this global crisis of Coronavirus pandemic, Mohanji Acharyas have responded to this call by accelerating the pace of our activities. In doing so and keeping in mind the word ‘Karuna’, which is Sanskrit for compassion, we are viewing the crisis as an amazing opportunity for people to reinvent themselves in a positive way. And to this effect, Mohanji Acharyas (and other Mohanji Foundation volunteers) all over the world, have come forth in full enthusiasm, swinging into action on all available social media channels selflessly offering our programs free of charge.

We share below all of our contributions during this time. In addition, we also strive to lead by example by choosing to live vegan/vegetarian lifestyles. Compassionate living means being kind not only to others of our own species, but to all sentient beings who share the planet with us. 

Firstly, we are super excited to share that in March 2020 we launched our new Mohanji Acharyas (MA) YouTube channel

To stay up to date with all of our videos, please visit our channel by clicking here and subscribe to it, then click on the notification bell, choosing the option ‘all’.

Stay up to date with all our videos on YouTube!


MA Manisha conducted 42 programs out of which 41 programs were daily chanting of Gayatri and Mahamrtyunjaya mantra and one was an online ‘Power of Purity’ meditation.

MA Violeta conducted 5 online programs. She shares below her experience from the last few weeks,

“Breakthrough experience for me was when I intended to do an Online Mai-Tri session with camera on. I didn’t feel panic since I felt I was not the doer (the state of surrender of activities to a spiritual master). Chanting on the Zoom platform with the camera off was not a big problem, especially because my voice was reinforced by Mohanji’s energy and power. The voice was strong and clear. A message was given to me through a comment by MA Sanjay Acharya who said that I should lead the chanting sessions more often. As the situation with Coronavirus in Canada was getting worse, I felt an urge to do more, to influence more people to be positive. I could feel a burning sensation through my spine (usually felt due to master’s blessing). My cheeks were flushed red. I was constantly online on Facebook, sharing interesting posts with messages of love, faith and hope. Inspired by Mohanji, I started answering some questions on Facebook Toronto Vegan group, mentioning that I knew of a few online group meditations. When people started enquiring, I contacted my fellow Acharyas and organized an online Zoom ‘Power of Purity’ meditation for vegans the same evening. There were 10 people. In spite of  3 internet interruptions, 8 participants stayed till the end. I was spending more time online, busy chanting, meditating or surfing the internet. I noticed that there was silent resistance growing in my closest family members. They didn’t understand the deeper meaning of these activities. Feeling particularly exhausted one day, I felt I needed to go to the Mohanji spiritual center to recharge and rejuvenate. I heard bitter words from my husband accusing me of neglecting home and family. I just took a deep breath, went to my prayer room, bowed in front of Mohanji’s photo, surrendered the entire burden in front of his lotus feet and asked him to bring the Mohanji spiritual center to my home. I left the room comforted and suddenly magic happened! My husband apologized and said that we should go to the center and my nephew even offered help with preparing lunch. It was like stepping into a different reality. This showed me that empowered by Mohanji, I can be stable and handle any situation with calmness and patience, no matter how chaotic or painful it is.”

MA Ljiljana conducted about 25 sessions (online chanting for increasing positivity and Mohanji’s meditations‘Blossoms of Love’, ‘Freedom’, and ‘Power of Purity’) with around 240 people participating. Ljiljana shares, 

My very first spontaneous reaction to this situation when I noticed that people had started becoming fearful, was to call the people that I knew, especially those who live by themselves like the elderly. I sensed great anxiety and confusion in them from listening to the official news, programs and from talking to others. I also spoke to my friends and family and passed on courage to all of them through my positive attitude, inspiring them through what I am doing these days, how many different activities I was performing in order to help, and how rich I am feeling inside because of it. I advised them to stay away from the TV as much as possible, because it only increases the fear. I told them to take good care of themselves, to think positive, to learn to accept life as it is, to listen to good and relaxing music, to occupy themselves with some work and to surrender to Divinity God as per their orientation.
Inspired by my great spiritual master, I also wrote true stories/articles every day and when I shared them, I received very positive feedback from friends and strangers alike. Some of those comments were:

Please continue writing, I really need it”,

 “Thank you a lot, I am working on all of these points that you advised”,

 “Please keep sending”, 

“That is very true”

and other words of gratitude. I was feeling really strong inside, contented, and happy that I could, as a instrument of my master (Mohanji), make a difference in someone’s life.”

MA Dheena Naidoo conducted 12 programs. Dheena shares,

I commenced my programs/activities on March 19, 2020. The main purpose of these programs was to send healing energies to all beings in the world during these times of the pandemic situation. When I was notified of online programs, I could not connect online as the connection/system I have is weak and cuts off frequently. 

I continued with the programs I was doing on a daily basis. The following activities were included in my daily offerings: Devi Kavacham, Shiva Kavacham, chanting of Maha Mrityunjaya mantra, Gayatri mantra, the chant ‘loka samastha sukhino bhavanthu’, one of Mohanji’s meditations each day and concluding with Mohanji Aarti (sacred ritual which helps energize and cleanse oneself and the space of the heavy energies).

These sessions were conducted daily from 8.00 am to 10.00 am with four regular attendees. They enjoyed the sessions very much,  feeling good spending their time in prayer together and sending out their positive energies to people who were trying to overcome their fears of the virus. The energies in the room were very high at times, increasing their own spiritual energy. They felt very protected as a result, and their fears of contacting the virus began to abate. They also began feeling an improvement in their connection with Mohanji.”

Mohanji Acharyas


MA Moushumi conducted around 25 sessions online such as the Mai-Tri method, chanting, breathing techniques, body stretches, meditations, reading Mohanji’s blogs and ‘Power of Purity’ book.

Moushumi shares,

“I received a few messages from people when I conducted sessions in this way. As most of us are housebound, introducing these exercises has helped them a lot. Some of my friends’ children have loved it too. It’s always beneficial, to relax physically, emotionally and mentally before starting any activity and this was everyone’s favorite part.”

MA Shyama conducted 17 sessions (10 devotional singing sessions and ‘Power of Purity’ book reading, 6 chanting and 1 meditation) with a total of about 1200+ views.

Shyama shares,

“After the sessions, I have received positive comments from people saying the bhajans (devotional singing sessions) were soothing and that the chanting was lovely or that they liked the messages from Mohanji. On a personal level, it’s been a journey of self-discovery. Using social media platforms is alien to me, – it took a while to learn the various methods of connecting to people online, with a lot of energy support from Mohanji’s and also other Acharyas of course. Going live on Facebook is quite nerve-wracking, but I’m learning to let go, knowing Mohanji will take care. It’s wonderful to see people join us regularly. Immense gratitude to our dearest Mohanji for holding our hands, guiding and inspiring us.”

MA Chai conducted 19 sessions leading about 8 chanting sessions, which included Gayatri and Maha Mrtyunjaya mantra chanting sessions, 2 meditation sessions and 9 sessions of Mandarin programs, with a total about 700 views.

Chai shares,

“The news of Coronavirus has been spreading faster than the real virus itself. Living in the UK, I was worrying about my mother and family members in Malaysia. The Malaysian government had announced a lockdown a week before the UK. “What can I do? ” – this was the question that appeared in my mind, and then Mohanji‘s message, ‘Call for Action’ came at the same time. Without a second thought, I volunteered to translate the subtitles of Mohanji’s messages on Coronavirus, with the hope that these messages could reach more of the educated Chinese, especially the families far away. But I’m not a technology gadget person in daily life. In fact, I don’t even have an internet connection installed at home. No WiFi at home? In this century? Can you believe that?! Surely I must be joking?! 

Translation was happening very slowly with my mobile phone data. Another of Mohanji‘s messages came: we have to come out of our comfort zones to go LIVE on social media!!! What a shock! Okay. Fine. Severe chest pain began when the message got into my mind. At this point of time, the UK team was working together and taking turns to lead the Gayatri and Maha Mrtyunjaya mantra chanting, and also short meditations on Zoom where everybody was happy. We had about a week of team programs. But Mohanji knew we could go further to reach more people. So, individual social live sessions had to happen. With any challenge or kind of test, I would respond with chest pain immediately. But Mohanji knows. 

Everything had to be translated to Mandarin, before I could start on Facebook Live. My first Facebook live in Mandarin happened on 23 March 2020, 7 AM UK time, which is 3 PM in Malaysia. I translated into Mandarin the basic instructions for practice of A-U-M, the 5-speed breathing exercise and chanting of Gayatri mantra and peace mantra, and posted them on Facebook a day before so people could follow and chant along. ‘Freedom’ meditation was included at the end of the program. 

Before the program started, I mentally talked to Mohanji and asked for protection with Mohanji Gayatri. The Facebook live continued with severe chest pain and words often stuck in the throat or the mind somehow going blank on and off. I thought of Mohanji after the breathing exercise. When I started to chant the Gayatri mantra, my lips were trembling, but I smiled to myself and surrendered, letting Mohanji take over. Suddenly, the fragrance of vibhuti filled the room. I felt Mohanji was there, sitting next to me. I could feel something coming out from the chest. Feeling light, I continued chanting. The program ended with His grace. This was again a reminder to surrender fully and wholeheartedly. There is no time to think of how or when or what others think about you. Mohanji just made it happen. And the Mandarin program which began on 23rd  March 2020 continues till date. It has become a daily feature. 

Through the pandemic, so much relearning has happened as well as the resharpening of skills and of reinvention as well and cutting the comfort habit and the fear. Mohanji’s messages on Coronavirus have given clear signs and direction. Press the reset button on ourselves. Just come back to our true selves. The pure and original. Kindness and compassion. The Avadhuta-to-be. As Mohanji said,

“When you give time, I will give timelessness.”

The results of engagement with the Chinese group is far behind other nations. But I believe there is always a starting point where Mohanji plays his role and the whole tradition of liberation (tradition of powerful spiritual masters) supports beyond caste and race. I am willing to continue to be a medium, a useful medium for the Tradition. Please use this appearance called ‘Chai’ to serve all the children of Mohanji, all the children of the universe. May I always be in the consciousness of Mohanji under his lotus feet.”



MA Lata Ganesh conducted 33 programs (mantra chanting, yoga, breathing exercises (pranayama), meditation, reading Mohanji‘s ‘Atmananda’ series of blogs (part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5 and part 6) and online Mai-Tri Method) with a total reach of about 4500 people on Facebook in only 5 sessions. Generating a sense of unity within the Mohanji USA team despite geographical distance, Lata worked with the country team to organize a 12-hour group mantra chanting to raise the frequency and enhance positivity in the world – from dawn to dusk – which was a big success. About 20 participants took part in leading the chants and about 100 people participated. Approximately 30,000 chants were chanted. The Mohanji Canada team also participated in the chanting.

Lata shares, 

Mohanji‘s ‘Atmananda’ series of blog readings generated much interest in the larger community of my friends and colleagues and other Facebook communities and groups, offering an expanded reach.
It has been a great experience for me, starting with helping me go beyond my comfort zone. I got a lot of inspiration from the Mohanji family around the world and I am thankful to each of them. It is also heartening and encouraging to note that people from unexpected quarters are viewing my 4 Facebook videos which have had 987 views so far. Every day for the past two weeks, I have had calls/texts from people thanking me for the session and expressing how they overcame their physical and/or emotional pain and felt totally at peace and free. One participant, who is very regular for both the daily sessions, did not connect on one morning and I called at the end of the program to enquire about her. She said that she has been struggling with sleep for the past several weeks now but on that day, she slept so well and though she heard her alarm go off, could not get out of the bed because she was in blissful sleep and witnessing this beautiful dream of Mohanji, who had knocked at her door and entered her house calling out her name. The experience was so real for her and it was actually when I phoned her to enquire, was the time when she woke up from the dream and was still in a daze. My heartfelt surrender and gratitude to Mohanji for inspiring and empowering me and others every moment.”

MA Piamas conducted 8 energizing programs (6 live yoga sessions, 1 group chanting session, 1 session of relaxation breathing exercises) with a total 981 views.

Piamas shares her journey in brief, 

The past couple of weeks have been quite an adventure in conducting live programs as an Acharya. After Mohanji gave His initial messages to the Acharyas, urging all of us to take action, I really felt the urgency to conduct some online activities. However, a couple of days went by, and I was not able to put myself out there. I felt stuck, and was feeling frustrated with myself because I had a fear of putting myself out in public. A couple of days later, Barbara had reached out to me to offer help if I needed any, with conducting programs. She suggested that I offer something daily online. As if Mohanji knew about my frustration and this feeling of being stuck, I feel as if He had sent a messenger, Barbara, to help motivate me and help me get ‘unstuck’.
Many people have benefited from the online chanting and yoga sessions I conducted. One person thanked me for offering the online yoga, since she is no longer able to attend her weekly yoga classes at her gym.  Another person said that he felt extremely relaxed after a session of chanting of the Gayatri mantra.
I have learned to come out of my comfort zone, and to share information and classes through Facebook live streaming.  I experienced Mohanji’s ‘presence without presence’ when the viewers experienced the relaxing energies generated by chanting the Gayatri mantra. I also felt an indescribable sense of peace and stillness in myself after conducting the online live chanting.
I am so thankful for this opportunity of self growth, and being able to add value to people’s lives. I am thankful to Mohanji for allowing this to happen, and surrender everything to Him.”

MA Bhavani Nair conducted 18 sessions (5 Online Mai-Tri sessions, 1 ‘Power of Purity’ meditation, 7 chanting sessions, 2 Facebook live videos to spread awareness, 3 kids program). 

Bhavani shares some of the testimonials she received after the sessions:

  • Vidya Shankar: Thank you, Bhavani and Vidya for a wonderful session.
  • Mona: I echo the same sentiments. Thanks ladies, I very much appreciate your efforts. It’s imperative for kids to learn and imbibe good teachings and meditation and especially during these challenging times.
  • Ojal, Mrig enjoyed today’s session, Mrig was jumping with joy saying she could concentrate better today and liked the story as well. Thank you very much, Bhavani, for the wonderful session for kids. I really want both of them to learn and impart Mohanji’s teachings in their life. Praying to Mohanji to bless them – Jai Mohanji!
  • Thank you, Bhavani, for the Mai-Tri session. Actually, this afternoon I joined Lakshmi’s session and after a few minutes, my network was lost. I got so bored then Lakshmi phoned to say that I could join your session in the evening. I can feel how Mohanji is working behind the scenes each time. I was meant to be with you guys to experience the powerful Mai-Tri, beautifully sung Hanuman Chalisa and Krishna song on the occasion of Ekadashi. For me, each session is completely different and equally powerful. My heartfelt gratitude to dear Mohanji. Love you all!
  • Hi, I joined a couple of the sessions and the experience I have had is remarkable. And to be honest with you, I have been practicing the creation of the golden dome on my own, anytime I am feeling different. But I have not been able to attend the last two sessions since all my classes resumed through online learning and I have a class at that time. And on other days me and my mom had been practicing lighting diyas during sundown and chanting on our own. I felt bad for not letting your wife know though. But please let her know the experience was so worthy and I have used the method to connect with Ma Durga or Lord Shiva through the White light energy. I can’t thank you enough for this. Before this, I felt like I was losing touch with God and goddesses because every time I prayed my mind wandered off but nowadays, I have been catching myself connecting with them through the vision of some white light.

MA Bimal Nair conducted 3 meditation sessions for kids in his class. 

MA Geeta conducted 17 sessions (14 mantra chanting, 2 ‘Power of Purity’ mediations, 1 Sai Satcharitra reading session) all on Zoom with a total of 170 participants. The chants have been 108 counts of Gayatri/Mahamrityunjaya/Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya/Roga Nivarana mantras, Dhanvantari Mantra, and Aditya Hrdayam.

Geeta shares, 

Wanted to report an experience of someone who participated in this morning’s 108 Gayatri mantra live chanting that I led. She is an older lady who is not tech savvy so she called in on the phone line to join the session, instead of a computer. She said she sat down to chant after a bath and lighting a lamp. It was sunrise time when the chanting began. It occurred to her to get up and open the blinds and let the morning sun pour in.  Every morning, there are birds on the patio that visit to have their breakfast of the birdseed that she scatters there. She said as she opened the blinds, there were a few birds sitting outside the patio door. While some flew away after a couple minutes or so, like most birds do, seven birds continued to sit there, absolutely still. She said those seven birds sat motionless for about 40 minutes with their bellies down to the ground as if meditating and listening to the chanting. She said she stood there the entire time looking at them. She said she was desperate to document it by taking a video but since her phone was playing the chanting, she didn’t want to touch it, in case it disconnected the Zoom call. Feeling awestruck, and recognizing this as something unusual she was privileged to witness, she asked that her deep gratitude be conveyed to Mohanji for this grace.

Someone texted to ask me one day if I have recorded myself chanting and if I am playing it back every day. I clarified that it is a live chant everyday. To my reply on my WhatsApp group, I then received this response:

“That it is live and your own presence, can be felt even through the airwaves. May Waheguruji give you abundant good health always. Tere bhane sarbat da bhalla. Thank you, Geetaji!”

‘”was wonderful joining the chanting group. Look forward to many more chants and chanting. Thank you.” – person joining from Mysore, India

‘The chanting today was very special for me. Very energising AND calming. Ma (Divine Mother) was with me.”

MA Jayashree conducted 16 sessions (14 ‘Power of Purity’ (POP) meditations and Q&A sessions, 2 group chanting) with a total of 74 participants. Jaya shares the POP meditation experiences of some of the participants:

Thanks a lot for the POP today. Really appreciate the amazing energy. Jai Mohanji

– Thank you. This is the best and the worst of times, so to say. Amazing work is being done by you

– Thank you so much, dear Jaya . I would like to join tomorrow as well. I felt very happy, content and positive.

– Thank you Jaya,you conduct such a beautiful session, more people should enjoy

– All thanks to you for conducting these sessions

– Felt very peaceful and kept me calm all throughout the day

– Your talk was very good.

MA Laurie Ann conducted 17 “Conscious Recovery Meditation Meetings – CRMM” programs (Mohanji-inspired program for alcoholics and addicts in a 12-step recovery format consisted of inspiring readings, one of Mohanji’s guided meditations and open sharing). Laurie shares, 

“Inspired by Mohanji, CRMM was created in 2019. During the Acharya training in Mohanji’s physical presence, I could feel the divine suggestion to create a “Meditation meeting” for the recovery community who are used to attending 12-step meetings. The recovery community consists of alcoholics and addicts who are clean and sober, not using drugs or alcohol and in active recovery. I myself have been clean and sober for 18 years, and during most of that time have dealt with deep depression. The meditations have helped me lift the level of my depression and so I wanted to share them with others in recovery, as I felt that many of them also battle depression issues. For this initiative, I used Mohanji’s tenets of positivity, kindness, unconditional love and ahimsa (non-violence) to not just expose this community to these ideals, but to suggest that we all “strive to practice them in all aspects of our lives”.

I was going to add a phone/online meeting to my regular routine of three in-person meetings a week and had been thinking about also starting a Facebook page for CRMM for a while. This was way before the Coronavirus hit. Then when the virus hit, I thought to myself, “This is why you should have done this already”. 

One of the regulars in the CRMM is an elderly gentleman with health issues. So I immediately got a conference call line number in place in time for the regular Thursday 7:15 am meeting and started the FB page, ‘Conscious Recovery Meditation’ the same day as well. I made changes to the flyer and put it on the Facebook page and sent it to my recovery network.

Since 12th March 2020, I have conducted three CRMM phone meetings a week. As I was looking after my own mental health, I increased my daily chanting and knew it was helping me. I decided to do a ‘beginner’s’ short chanting session intended for the same recovery audience and called it, ‘Chanting in Recovery’. I researched the health benefits and distilled them down so that it would sound relevant and meaningful enough to prospective (recovery) attendees to entice them to give it a try. The unofficial start was on Wednesday, 18th March. I did get a flyer made up by the graphics team. However, I wanted to do some more beta testing with my audience and have held two sessions a week since then. It has already been advertised as a regular program to the main recovery group/attendees and on the Facebook page.

Addicts are typically medicated for ADHD, bi-polar disorder, manic depression due to significant trauma and are often overusing caffeine and it is harder for them to sit still and get calm.  The attendees always thank me for holding the meeting saying they feel calm, relaxed, hopeful, serene, etc.  Some state how grateful they are for these meetings and state they are keeping them afloat during the time of the Coronavirus.

During this time, I have noticed that many friends and family have needed more support. So I have made myself available to anyone at any time if they are in crisis or in need. It is in line with the Native American belief of the community I belong to, that you are ready to do a sweat lodge outside of the ‘normal lodge schedule’ whenever anyone expresses a need for it. These on-demand CRMM meetings are my version of a ‘Mohanji Inipi’ (Sweat Lodge).

Gratefully an Acharya!
In love and service”

MA Elham shares,

“After Mohanji’s Call to Action, our (my husband and I) lives changed to miraculous days. We started having daily programs with the group of people in Iran which previously had been on a weekly basis. People were so happy and grateful to Mohanji for this daily encouragement to positivity. Every day we had 25-45 people attending, which was amazing. Many beautiful experiences, much sharing, awareness and transformation has happened in the last few weeks by Mohanji’s grace. We were full of energy everyday despite very few hours of sleep and it’s all Mohanji’s energy, nothing else. He really empowers us, the only thing we need to do is surrender. Full surrender with the heart and then the rest is assured. 

We would like to share with you all, some of the beautiful experiences of the participants in the last few weeks of Mohanji’s Call to Action. Here’s another confirmation of Mohanji’s ‘Presence without presence’ and the Power of our great Tradition. 

We surrender everything at the lotus feet of Mohanji Baba and the Tradition. 

Asma: During the online Mai-Tri session I was recalling all my life memories, all the pains and injustices that had happened to me. I was crying and calling out to the Gods and Mohanji for awareness. Then I felt a flow of white light inside me. We could feel Master Mohanji’s love through you. So thankful to Master Mohanji and you.

Bahar: A few weeks back before I joined the group, awareness was coming to me that someone extremely dear is going to come back to me and I was even waking up from sleep with gratitude for this blessing. It was afterwards that I joined your group and understood that the one who came back is Master Mohanji. It’s not been a long time since I have known about him, yet I feel him at every moment by my side. During Mahamitrunjaya chanting, I saw a waterfall of golden light on my head and then it was expanding around me as a bright golden ball. Then I saw Mohanji pouring golden powder on my head and Ajna chakra and then he tapped on my Anahata Chakras. My tears were rolling over at this joy and blessings. So grateful to dear Mohanji and you. 

Afsaneh: I lost my husband due to the Coronavirus a few weeks ago. I’m an energy healer so during those days when my husband was in hospital, I was trying to send him healing daily but feeling so drained afterwards. So one day I prayed to Mohanji to help him before starting the healing and it was then I got a message like a command saying, “Don’t interfere in his karma”. After that, I couldn’t give energy even though I tried hard. So I lost my husband then and understood I should not be interfering in karma while healing. I feel Master Mohanji is by my side guiding me all the time during this turbulent time of my life. One day after the loss of my husband, I was so down. It was impossible to accept this loss. Then I opened Mohanji’s Universe Instagram page and I saw this message and I was sure it’s Master Mohanji’s message to me: “When I say  ‘I’m with you’, I mean it. I don’t need the body to be with you – Mohanji”. I’m certain now that he’s my spiritual Master and am so grateful and joyful to be eligible to be his student. 

Mehrdad: After chanting Maha Mrtyunjaya I was feeling so high as if I had drunk 10 cans of energy drinks! I couldn’t sit still and wanted to run 10 kilometers! This can’t be normal :))

Kashani: During an online Mai-Tri session, my head started spinning and my breathing got so heavy that I felt nausea and had to lie down. Then I saw a vision of an old man with colorful lines on his forehead spreading a blanket and sitting on a wooden bench. I understood that he was a Master but didn’t know him. Then he looked at me and his gaze was giving me peace. 

(She found the picture below on Google and identified him as the man she has seen in her vision. She asked me if I knew his name and if he was still in the body (Om Sai Ram). She said she had been waiting for 20 years for such a master, looking here and there. Her wish was to be on a deserving level to become his student. So thankful to you. We’re a Mohanji Family.)

Ayda: Recently I made a new friend. He’s sick and doctors have said he has a maximum of only one year to live. Since the first day of meeting him, I have felt so close to him and he has the same feeling towards me. I was in a dilemma, wondering: “What’s this? I’m married and how come I have a feeling of love towards another man?!” The feeling was very pure but I couldn’t understand the reason; so I prayed to Master Mohanji to tell me the reason and help me. After the prayer I went to visit my friend in hospital. He told me,”When I met you, I was born again!”. With this statement I received my answer by Mohanji’s grace. 

When I was born, I had a twin, a boy but he couldn’t make it and passed away in a few days. Now I have found my brother! He’s the one I lost 39 years ago and now he’s 21. I told him about this inspiration and he replied, “I was feeling that I have known you before and the feeling was so weird. I was afraid to tell you in case you misunderstand me”. He also agrees that we’re siblings and this love is so pure. I’m so grateful to Master Mohanji for this blessing. This is all because of his grace that I have my brother back.

Raha: During Mahamrtyunjaya chanting, I had an experience unlike anything I have had before. I was chanting but then I saw an eye, the pupil color of which was changing to purple, then blue, then green. I couldn’t feel my body and was seeing Mohanji in white, holding my hands and directing me towards the eye. I could hear your chanting from the cave inside the eye. I was scared to go inside. I felt myself as a ball of light and flames of fire from the bottom which were not burning me, and every part of me was spinning. Then I was hovering and could feel that Mohanji was present all the time. I saw all the planets in harmony. Everything was in harmony, peace and silence. We were all in God’s embrace. I could see light from each corner of the earth coming out. (P.S. It was the time that all the online programs started, March 18). Mohanji put his hand on my heart and a light came to my forehead and I could hear your chanting all the way, it was a kind of guidance. I was not ready to come back when you said to be ready to open the eyes. Then I could see some humans together from the sky pouring light onto the earth and I felt they’re great Masters. Mohanji too was there with them. I was thanking everything and everyone. I saw the Coronavirus inside myself. It became one with me. I embraced and honored it and prayed to it to complete its mission. Finally Masters guided me so I could come back. For a long time I remained in that bliss. 

Another experience happened during meditation when I saw white and black clouds and it was so weird to me since I knew I was meditating and concentrating inside and now what was this. Then I saw colorful lights, purple, blue and more in my forehead. Then between my eyebrows a tunnel of light opened and it started talking to me through that. It was saying, “Don’t be scared of anything. Don’t be scared of anything that happens. Even if you get sick, I’m with you. If anything happens to the world, I’m with you. Don’t be scared if others mock you. If they leave you alone, don’t be scared. You’re here in my protection and peace. You’re in my embrace. I’m so happy you’re here.” I could see that Mohanji is inside me. It was so peaceful. So grateful to Mohanji. 

Azin (a nurse): Since I joined the group, I feel much stronger than before. When I go to work and whenever I feel low due to the hospital situation I ask Mohanji to help me and give me strength and he absolutely does so, always. I experienced a miracle and I believe it was because of Mohanji. After participating in just two sessions, there was an incident when a pot of boiling water accidentally dropped on my face, leg and hand. I thought I would be hospitalized for this but was stunned that there was only just a little burn, nothing significant. I’m sure it was his miracle. 

So we close this report with the translation of a poem of one of the participants in the name of Hamed who started saying poems for Mohanji as soon as he connected to Father. The poem was in Farsi so hopefully even after the translation, you can feel the deep bhaav (devotion) in there. 

Your eyes are tailored to be God

But I believe you himself are God 

I was in heresy the whole my life

Now along with you I can be God”

MA Vidya Rajagopalan conducted 14 sessions (5 Sri Bhagavatha Purana series for kids, 3 group reading of Sai Satcharitra, 4 mediation for kids, 1 ‘Blossoms of Love’ meditation, 1 chanting session of Vishnu Sahasranama chanting and Om Namo Bhagavathe Vasudevaya) with a total of 600+ views. Vidya shares,

“The ‘Blossoms of Love’ meditation was my most powerful ‘Blossoms of Love’ yet. All who attended felt the intensity of the meditation and a few even asked about the breathing we did at the beginning. It was a group of Sai Baba devotees and they were doing the BoL meditation by Mohanji for the first time. I attended the Navaratri homa too each day and greatly thankful for being able to participate.

The Sri Bhagavatha Purana series for kids started on March 27. It has been a very satisfying and enlightening experience for me personally. I am doing this with my daughter, and it is wonderful to bond through preparing for the live broadcast each day. I have always loved the stories from the Bhagavatham and have read it before. But as Father (Mohanji) says, the experience is different now. I am able to see the unifying ideas that the stories present and feel a sense of purpose as I read them. It is amazing how these stories, as old as they are, are relevant even today as they were much earlier. I am able to feel that and believe it shows in my expression each day. An example of even more divine grace was that Day 9 of the reading happened to be Ekadashi, very auspicious for chanting and prayer and fasting. So overall this is a humbling experience – to think that I could present morals to the general public through the Lord’s stories and go live on Facebook too! I am also noticing that I feel a sense of pride and joy at being a Mohanji Acharya, in a way that is deeper than before. At a time when many are feeling anxious and stressed, we are joining together in an effort to help others stay positive. In fact, there is no fear or stress; only a sense of purpose – what more can I do and how can I do it? I am extremely thankful and grateful to dearest Father for all this – koti koti pranaams, Father!

My eternal gratitude and lots of love for Father. I would also like to thank all the Acharyas and others involved in the Foundation activities.”

Mohanji Acharyas


MA Mirela started with online Zoom sessions on 17th March and conducted 7 sessions till 30th (4 online Mai-Tri Method, 1 satsang (friendly discourse), ‘Blossoms of Love’ and ‘Power of Purity’ meditations) with a total 177 views of those who joined.

Mirela shares,

“It has been a very challenging experience for me, especially in the beginning, firstly because I am not good at dealing with FB, Zoom, etc. and secondly even though I completed the requirements to become a Mai-Tri practitioner, I had never actually done it because I was doubting myself. So while I was looking at other Acharyas doing things online, the anxiety was building up, but I knew that I had to do it – it wasn’t about me. Helena Bjelakovic from Croatia and her son Milan taught me how to use Zoom, and Mohanji Croatia offered their Zoom account,and as we are in different time zones, our programs were not going to overlap. I viewed different Acharyas programs on Zoom and FB many times, and wrote down in detail everything I was going to say. I am confident when conducting meditations, since I have been doing it every Sunday in my apartment for more than 2 months, but going on my FB profile to tell people to join me on Zoom was another challenge. I got physically sick the day of the first Zoom session. Nevertheless, there is this moment when you realize that it’s not about you, that you are just being available, and that Mohanji is doing everything, and that you have just to surrender. I think that I go through those moments every day. Ownership of my actions is still very present; I am aware of it.

So we started on the 17th March, and every day we have had  a session at 6 pm, Peruvian time. As the majority of people don’t know about Mohanji and are not familiar with Indian culture, we are trying to do different things every day. One day we have the Mai-Tri method, then HSTY stretching exercises with ‘Freedom’ meditation, then longer meditation (‘Blossoms of Love’ or ‘Power of Purity’), reading a story plus meditation, satsang about certain topics (anxiety, fear, uncertainty, anger, acceptance, etc) with meditation and so on. While having satsang, we are combining two views on certain topics – life coaching point of view and Mohanji’s point of view. Why are we doing that? We want to show to the participants that Mohanji´s teachings are not something far from their reality, that his teachings are spiritual, and firmly rooted in reality, practicality and/or everyday life. I am a certified life coach, but the one usually talking about the life coaching point of view is Martha Bazan. She started helping me last year with WhatsApp posts, and has completed Mai-Tri method training as well. As the participants loved those satsangs, and we didn’t have enough time for all questions, we decided that starting the 1st of March on each Wednesday, we will have a full hour satsang session for those interested, followed by the usual yogic stretching.

People’s comments are very good – they feel peace, silence within, less anxious. After Mai-Tri, some participants wrote to me how they could feel energy in their bodies. Some of them wept, especially while working on the heart chakra. They love the vibration of mantras. Some told us they feel blessed to be the part of the group, and that our sessions are keeping them calm. It is nice when we meet every day at 6, because we have Juana who lives in Brussels, Maria Ines in the Aruba Islands, Estela in Cordova, Argentina, Andrea in Santiago de Chile, Maya in Ecuador.

Regarding the Navaratri homa in India, I was listening in just for short periods of time because it was starting right after our sessions, and usually people were writing to me privately after sessions, telling me about how they felt, their problems, asking me questions, etc.”



MA Devi Mohan conducted 14 sessions (6 online Mai-Tri sessions, 7 days of leading Navaratri Homa, 1 YouTube video for the channel Sai Baba’s Devotee Speaks) with a total of about 66,000 views.

MA Izabela conducted 9 meditations through Zoom (‘Power of Purity’, ‘Blossoms of Love’, ‘Bliss of Silence’) with a total of 138 active participants. She also conducted 3 satsangs (friendly discourses) together with MA Dragan after his Online Mai-Tri sessions. 

Izabela shares, 

“Other than experienced meditators, I also invited acquaintances who had never meditated in their lives or ever tried Mohanji‘s meditations. Apart from meditating, each session was made personal as we also shared experiences from that day or we spoke on a certain topic, e.g. panic and fear and how to overcome them with awareness, accepting ourselves and others, love, etc. The meditators shared with us that we Mohanji Acharyas are like the Sun to them, giving them stability and confidence in this period. Most of them said extremely strong energy was felt during meditations – a sense of group connection; a sense of Mohanji’s presence during meditations and Mohanji Energy Transfer; a sense of calm and that everything will be fine after meditation; a feeling that they are not alone and that we are family; a feeling that they can ask me for help as an Acharya and not just meditate together.

During the post Mai-Tri satsangs we talked about everything that surrounds us right now. I shared a few  tips and tricks on how to quickly reduce anxiety, as well as about the benefits of the online Acharya programs.

Before the lockdown after 5 pm in Serbia started, I held 3 meditations at the Lotus Yoga Studio with a total of 49 participants. 80% of the meditators were people who had never participated in Mohanji‘s activities before, and 50% had never meditated in their lives. It was an opportunity to introduce them to Mohanji’s meditations, teachings, and other techniques He has given us, and they also received Mohanji Energy Transfer three times.”

MA and HSTY teacher Monika Balenovic led the live Himalayan traditional yoga session ‘Balance your body and mind’ on March 29th, which included light yogic exercises, asanas, breathing exercises for purification and deep relaxation. The full class can still be seen on HSTY Facebook page. Apart from yoga class, Monika also shared her experience through a Facebook video inspired by Mohanji on being quarantined in India with the motto – ‘From isolation to Transformation’, as well as some useful advice on how to deal with negative emotions and stress in these turbulent times.

MA Mina conducted 10 online Mai-Tri sessions, some in English, some in Serbian language, with a total of 72 active participants. 

Mina shares, 

“Apart from being a witness of positive transformation in people’s attitude and stability in life through Acharya programs, I am amazed by the promptness and precision with which Mohanji activated all of us Acharyas in such a short span of time by sending so many voice messages of inspiration and empowerment, encouraging us to take action and give to the world the best we can, during the time of crisis. No person would give so much time to train and empower so many people to work for the benefit of the world, selflessly, and without any expectation of gaining materials, popularity or glory. No selfishness in Mohanji’s tradition. Only purity. He literally proved who He is by His work during the crisis. In fact, many people had astral (non-material) experiences, witnessing what Mohanji actually does that His physical body doesn’t show. One woman told me she saw Mohanji working as a light force through Acharyas, reaching and working on thousands of people at the same time – even including the families of those who participated in Acharya programs. She said all of them received something, whatever they were ready for – freedom from drinking or smoking habits, release of fears and blockages and even healing from diseases they had had for years. She said only God knows what all Mohanji does each moment. A few other witnesses confirmed that He did such things while simply sitting or sleeping, as His consciousness travels to places and helps many even outside His physical proximity.

Regarding my programs, I can’t put in words the benefits people were blessed with, through Acharya programs. Many of them felt it themselves and will feel it in the future when they realize what kind of baggage Mohanji has removed from them. I think the experience of the woman I mentioned above, describes Mohanji’s work beautifully, so I have nothing to add: ‘He lives for the world’ is the sentence that best describes Him.”

Mohanji Acharyas


MA Ekaterina conducted 3 programs (online chanting for increasing the positivity in the world which was open only to the youth with two participants from USA and Germany, online Mai-Tri and online bhajans (mantra) singing) with around 30 participants in total. Ekaterina shares,

On the day I was supposed to conduct online Mai-Tri after work, I wasn’t feeling well and had a headache. I thought that this would get in the way of me being able to conduct the session well. So I performed Mohanji Aarti (sacred ritual which helps energize and cleanse oneself and the space of the heavy energies) and felt better immediately. Then when we started, another obstacle showed up – people weren’t able to hear me. But I remained calm, believing that it all had to be right and that with Mohanji’s grace, it would all be solved. And it was! It’s all due to His Grace. When we set an intention, He clears the path. We had a nice session – there was a feeling of stability and confidence. At the end we imagined Mohanji in front of us, expressed gratitude to Him and imagined that He was hugging us. It was such a beautiful feeling.”

Mohanji Acharyas


MA Helena conducted 40 programs (17 online chanting sessions, 17 online meditations and 6 online Mai-Tri sessions) reaching more people than she anticipated. Helena shares, 

“I also inspired others from the Mohanji Croatia team to get involved and give their contribution. People are thrilled with the idea because then they too could contribute in these days of uncertainty in various places across Croatia such as Rijeka, Pula, Krk, Split and Velika Gorica. I also inspired a couple of us from the region to practice Consciousness Kriya at 5 am in the morning, and we indeed formed a group.
The daily chanting and meditation has personally increased stability in me. I feel more peace within myself and then I have been able to pass it on to others. I feel the presence of Mohanji and other masters intensely. The desire to contribute as much as possible to spread positivity every day through these contributions and a large number of conversations with other people, is increasing. Even people who have other spiritual masters come to these programs, and they come back because they feel it is the same energy.
Initially there were many people from Zagreb (where an earthquake recently took place). After the earthquake, everyone expressed that they were calm, without panic. They said they were aware that they had gained this calm attitude through our programs. Big thanks to Mohanji. They know that only He saved them that day. I will soon write about my personal experience regarding this.”




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Women’s Day Conscious Dance

By Mohanji Acharyas Biljana Vozarević and Ivana Kodžić

8th March 2020

We conducted a half-day Acharya program in Belgrade, Serbia, which included Conscious Dancing, refreshment and ‘Power of Purity’ meditation. In a pleasant environment of a local holistic center, 7 participants immersed in the deep process of releasing layers of impressions from the past.

After the program, most of the participants enjoyed inner silence, saying that they felt lighter and pleasant and required more time to process and integrate their deep impressions. It was felt that they were all blessed with the experience of deep silence.

We thank Mohanji for His unconditional support and the given platform through which we can conduct other transforming programs.



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The views, opinions and positions expressed by the authors and those providing comments on these blogs are theirs alone and do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions or positions of Mohanji, Mohanji Foundation, it’s members, employees or any other individual or entity associated with Mohanji or Mohanji Foundation. We make no representations as to accuracy, completeness, timeliness, suitability or validity of any information presented by individual authors and/or commenters on our blogs and will not be liable for any errors, omissions, or delays in this information or any losses, injuries or damages arising from its display or use.

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Bless the Life

By Mohanji Acharya Helena Bjelaković

8th March 2020

A program ‘Bless the Life’ was held in Zagreb, Croatia. Symbolically, the program was held on Women’s day, so a Satsang (friendly discourse) began with a discussion of  woman’s importance and worth, the importance of  a mother’s energy and protection in life, and of giving birth. Afterwards, we talked about respecting all living beings and our responsibility to ourselves, others and the Earth itself. In the end, we talked about how to bless all the challenges, accept ourselves and others.

With Conscious Gapless Breathing, the process of entering within began. Refreshed, we continued with Conscious Dancing, ‘Power of Purity’ meditation and Mohanji Energy Transfer. The last technique we went through was the Soul Mirror Process.

The cheerful yet profound gathering ended with a vegan lunch and experience exchange. This program was intense with Mohanji‘s energy more than tangible. The cleansing process started at the very beginning with breathing and with the last technique, attendants could deeply be connected to their soul aspect.




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The views, opinions and positions expressed by the authors and those providing comments on these blogs are theirs alone and do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions or positions of Mohanji, Mohanji Foundation, it’s members, employees or any other individual or entity associated with Mohanji or Mohanji Foundation. We make no representations as to accuracy, completeness, timeliness, suitability or validity of any information presented by individual authors and/or commenters on our blogs and will not be liable for any errors, omissions, or delays in this information or any losses, injuries or damages arising from its display or use.

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Rijeka in Mohanji’s Consciousness

By Mohanji Acharyas Izabela Jovović and Helena Bjelaković

1st March 2020

Another Acharya program was held in Rijeka, Croatia.

First, we spontaneously talked about the challenges which life sends our way and how we can grow by truly accepting all the things that come to us.


After this Satsang (friendly discourse), cleansing of unwanted energies, negative emotions and impressions were done through the ‘Conscious Gapless Breathing’. Through Conscious Dancing, we energized all our chakras (energy centers) and the bodies felt more vibrant and energetic, after which the ‘Power of Purity’ meditation with Mohanji Energy Transfer took place.




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The views, opinions and positions expressed by the authors and those providing comments on these blogs are theirs alone and do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions or positions of Mohanji, Mohanji Foundation, it’s members, employees or any other individual or entity associated with Mohanji or Mohanji Foundation. We make no representations as to accuracy, completeness, timeliness, suitability or validity of any information presented by individual authors and/or commenters on our blogs and will not be liable for any errors, omissions, or delays in this information or any losses, injuries or damages arising from its display or use.

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