Mohanji, The Anchor of Love

mohanji on liberation

By Rekha Murali

The Supreme Consciousness takes various forms and it is indeed our great fortune that in the manifested form, we have our Para Brahma, our dear Mohanji. He is our Anchor, carrying us through the turbulence of life, doing his job thoroughly for our highest good. His compassion and unconditional love can only be experienced as it can never be described in words.  The reasons for these words will be revealed in this blog as He ceaselessly works to help every soul that is connected to Him. Tears of gratitude flow as I connect with Him and surrender to His will!

In 2018, Mohanji empowered me as His Acharya.  As a Mohanji Acharya, I seem to come across various incidents and people who desperately cry out for His help. This brought into focus other incidents in the past four years where I have been an instrument to reach out to people who needed Him. One recent incident triggered the necessity of writing this blog. I must honestly confess that it was the will of Mohanji as I received the command while doing Kriya.

Let me share one major incident which was an eye-opener for me and for the people involved in it. Mohanji’s magic wand is what brought a friend out of the deep and dark wood that she found herself in.  I am not revealing the name of the person concerned as what matters is not the name but the work of the Guru. It highlights the importance of a living Master in our lives and the only thing we can do is hold on to this Anchor.

This friend changed from a chirpy, friendly person to a completely depressed soul overnight.  She surrendered completely to the dark forces in her mind, neglecting her family and friends.  Life turned topsy-turvy for the entire family and all hell broke loose.  I started counselling her, thinking that it would help and not understanding the severity of her condition.  Medical help was sought and she was put on medication. There was no one to even monitor if she was taking her medications regularly. Without getting into details of the agony and pain suffered by her and her family, it was then I reached out to Mohanji, feeling helpless and worried. He barely knew her (in this lifetime at least) but set to work on her. Connecting to the eye card would have helped but she was in no condition to do it. He advised me to take her to temples, increase her bhakti while He relentlessly worked on her for two whole years. He invited her for a retreat which helped Him heal her rapidly.  The first time (as there were repeats of the attack), she came out of her condition within 4 months and that is when she attended the retreat.

A year later, the depression set in again but by then she had received Shaktipat and healing from Mohanji . This time, it was only a clearing of the few traces embedded in her.  She was by then deeply connected to Mohanji and since 2017, she has been completely cured and is now leading a happy and fulfilling life with her family.

mohanji shaktipat
The gift of Shaktipat

Having witnessed this success story first hand, I can strongly say with conviction that it was a miracle – It was Mohanji’s healing and protection that brought her back on her feet and once again helped her hold the reins of the household.

There was another incident in which a lady reached out to the Mohanji volunteers for the Power of Purity meditation and chanting. Again, Mohanji worked through me and other volunteers. He resolved many of her issues with a couple of meditation sessions and Mohanji’s energy transfer. Her issues involved extreme anger, lack of love and appreciation and an overall lack of self-worth. She had the opportunity to listen to the Shiv kavacham and was given the eye card. It helped her connect deeply with Mohanji and has now decided to regularly practice all the meditations on her own.

As a Mohanji Acharya, I seem to come across many such people who are angry, unhappy, depressed, delusional, suicidal and so on.  Their cries for help is heart wrenching and I realise the only solace in such situations is in our Anchor – Mohanji! No amount of counselling, advice can help as the minds of such people are completely clogged, having lost the ability to think rationally. The mind takes complete control and they succumb to that easily. Only Mohanji or (any other Master who you believe in) can help by working on the samskaras of past lives and releasing the soul from its bindings.

Dear friends, I write this as we can easily get trapped in such negative situations where we lose control over ourselves and surrender to the dark influences in life. One simple incident is enough to change our lives upside down.

Here are a few suggestions on how we can help ourselves or others when life throws us into such deep pits.  

Hands that protect

Hold on: First and foremost, stay connected with the Master. We are blessed to have a living Master in our midst. Never let go of His hands. Our doubting minds can easily pull us out of His fold, but remember Mohanji never lets us down. Trust Him with full faith. He does what He as to do!

Awareness:  Be aware of what is happening with you and around you. Anger, depression, continuous sadness, no happy moments, losing the ability to smile, (to name a few) are signs that something is wrong. In such cases, turn to the Master again and increase your sadhana.

Acceptance: Acceptance of situations and  the mental state of mind is essential.   Expectations lead to disappointments and the resultant consequences. So, with total self-acceptance, the next step would be action on how to seek help for healing. Reach out to a trusted friend or family member through whom you can get the necessary assistance.  Above all reach out to the Guru in whatever way possible. Do not be bound by taboos and social norms. Visit a clinical psychologist or a psychiatrist as sometimes medication may be required.

Be You: Believe in yourself. Be your natural self. Let not others dictate how you should be. Do not judge yourself based on others views. Do not conform to others wishes on how you should be. Accept yourself for the unique being you are. Love yourself.

Gratitude: Count your blessings and always remind yourself to live in gratitude. Show gratitude for all that you have, gratitude for this journey, gratitude towards the Guru who doesn’t hesitate to move mountains for you.

Some pointers on how to seek help and stay connected with the Master. Most of them were recommendations by Mohanji , for  my friend.

  • Eye card: Connect with Mohanji’s eye card to help stay in His consciousness, at least twice or thrice a day
  • Satsangs: Besides a trusted friend or family member, associate yourself with the local center to help you do your practices – be it the Power of Purity Meditation, Chanting the Mohanji Gayatri, Mohanji Arati or Satsang.
  • Mohanji’s words: Read Mohanji’s blogs, books and watch his videos.  All these are very powerful to stay connected with the Master. His words and images transfer a lot of energy, healing us from the deep roots that grip our being!
  • Mai-tri healing: Get a Mai-tri healing done. If you don’t know any healer, reach out to the local centre or devotee, who can put you in touch with a healer. Our website  also has a list of healers around the world.
  • Chanting – You can join groups for regular chanting or request a healing, prayers and chanting for you through the global chanting whatsapp group.
  • Temple visit: Visit a church, temple or any place of your choice that gives positive vibrations. Increase the devotion and prayers to help release the cobwebs in the mind.
  • Voluntering/Seva: Last but the most important, involve yourself  in Seva – voluntary service.  Feed the birds and animals in your area. Involve yourself in Annadhan activities. Share whatever you can. Giving is a soothing balm for the soul. Feeding just one person can do wonders for healing. Seva brings in gratitude and selflessness. It expands the heart bringing in compassion and love.

“Give back to the Earth more than what you take”.


“There is nothing wrong or right in the world. The only thing that I think is wrong is violence in thoughts, words or actions.”


Remember Mohanji at all times and what He represents. Please remember dear friends, most of these were recommended by Mohanji for my friend.  The word “I” has been used only for practical purposes. I am only a medium as I write this and share with all of you. Through this blog, my intention is to only reach out to all dear souls in need of help.

I conclude this with a deep prayer to Mohanji :

Dear Mohanji,

Help us stay steadfast in our devotion to you with faith and complete surrender. We are your children, hold  us tightly  so that we never let go of your hand. Help us be clear of our doubting minds and trust you completely as you carry us through this life towards liberation.

Jai Mohanji!

“Being in Mohanji’s Consciousness” event in Midrand, South Africa

With Ami Hughes, Mohanji Acharya, South Africa


On 16th March 2019, I had my first blessed opportunity to conduct the Acharya programme at Venue Bodhgaya Shanti, Glen Austin. It’s a Lovely place. We had our prog in the Yoga studio.
When I walked into the studio, it felt as though we were in the celestial arms of all the Great Masters.
From our Beloved Shirdi Baba, Satya Sai Baba, Mahatapa Babaji, Shri Ramakrishna, Swami Vivekananda, Mother Sharda and whole host of others.
So I told the owner, “it is a blessing to walk into such a beautiful space.
It would be so wonderful to have Mohanji’s pic on the wall too!” and he spontaneously said, ” Yes …Sure!!”

Originally planned as a 2 hour programme, we ended much after 6 and half hour later!
With almost all of the attendees being new to Mohanji’s event, still the joy and bliss by soaking into Mohanji’s energy was experienced by all.

So here is how it all happened.

Our programme = Conscious Walking, Satsang and Power of Purity Meditation.

Conscious Walking


We started with introduction to and explanation of Conscious Walking.
Everyone without exception were amazed at its effect on them. Every one experienced a subtle shift internally. Almost all felt calmer and quieter, more together. Some mentioned feeling energetically expanded.

We spent discussion time after Conscious Walking outside. We sat on the grass, connected to Mother Earth and shared experiences.
The general consensus was that they had not expected Conscious Walking  to be ‘that way’



After Conscious Walking, we went indoors.
I played two video clips, one with Mohanji answering a question about ‘why this is happening to me?’
Participants were glued.
Then I played a short clip of a little Master boy talking about ‘What are u practicing, because what u practice u become very good at.’
Participants loved this too!
Thereafter a little more discussion on Mohanji s clip.

Power of Purity Meditation

Soon after the satsang, we were ready to go into the Power of Purity meditation. 

We begun with breathing exercises moving into Power of Purity meditation.

While every one was deeply into the meditation, one of the participant fell off from the chair. We quickly calmed everyone down and asked them to close their eyes and get back connect internally – they did!!!

We attended to the person on the floor. He was in a kind of altered state. He opened his eyes and did not even realise he was on the floor. He said later he was really having a moment with Ganesha and was communicating with him. He had no idea that he was on the floor! He was absolutely fine thereafter.

Feedback Session

Post the Power of Purity meditation, most of the participants shared their experiences.
One lady said she was engulfed in White Light. She felt so much more awareness and accepting of herself,
Another participant spoke of acceptance of situations and understanding that it’s not God out there but ourselves who are creating our realities here, and that we ought to take responsibility for our current situations.
Everyone felt  calm and inner peace. They felt the power of  Power of Purity meditation   feeling internal shifts.


I must thank our Sameera for her help on the day as well as my dear friend Anika from Pretoria and her husband Ivan.
May Mohanji Bless them.

Mohanji blessing.jpg
My utmost Gratitude to my beloved Master Mohanji and our powerful tradition for guiding the programme and bringing such powerful inner shift in many lives.

At your feet my Gurudev,



Who are Mohanji Acharyas?

Description about Mohanji Acharyas

Mohanji Acharyas represent Brahmarishi Mohanji with the intention to elevate others, through the teachings of Mohanji and the Tradition of Liberation. They have been created by Mohanji to spread the awareness of the Tradition of Liberation. Mohanji is a projection of this Tradition and at this point is a primary “mouthpiece” for the Tradition. Mohanji Acharyas have been and will continue to be trained to meet people connected and connecting to Mohanji.

They conduct various programs (e.g. guided meditations, Conscious Walking, etc.) on a regular and systematic basis with full awareness and full clarity so that people can become more connected to Mohanji’s Teachings. As well as leading by example, they counsel with patience and understanding to bring the best out of everyone.

This page is a forum to show the action that Mohanji Acharyas are enagged with and thus sharing the valuable expereinces they have or others who have attended their programmes. This will spread positity and purity with everyone and no doubt will inspire many.

|| Jai Mohanji! ||