Rejuvenate yourself in the Consciousness of Mohanji -30th March, Bristol, UK

“Rejuvenate yourself in the Consciousness of Mohanji” programme was conducted by Mohanji Acharya Subhasree, in Bristol on 30th March 2019.


The programme included Traditional Yoga (HSTY), Power of Purity Meditation with Mohanji Energy Transfer, Chakra awareness and energising through Conscious Dancing with home made vegan food for lunch.

Most of the attendees were attending Mohanji’s programme for the first time, some even heard about Mohanji for the first time. However, they all felt the presence of Mohanji’s energy that gave them all various experiences though out the programme and they all felt totally rejuvenated, energised, joyful and extremely satisfied by the end of the programme.

Not many of them were Yoga practitioners. Most were either doing it for the first time or after a long time. The simple, traditional and easy flowing method of the HSTY yoga got them all glued to the routine as it flowed from Mantra chanting to light yogic exercises to asanas in various poses following the human growth patterns.

With body and mind, the soul alignment followed through the Power of Purity Meditation. Mohanji made His presence felt through various divine indications. An otherwise grey, foggy morning soon turned into a bright sunny day and sunrays entered the hall bringing in not just brightness but the feeling of divinity.

Mohanji Energy Transfer during the meditation made the experience of meditation extremely powerful. Some of the attendees were able to connect into deeper levels of awareness during the meditation and had visions that proved how Mohanji’s power and energy was at work.

The final programme of Conscious Dancing, brought the awareness of chakras and energised through various movements.

Finally, the scrumptious home-made vegan wrap and soup filled everyone’s stomach with complete satisfaction.
Everyone conveyed that they are looking forward to such programmes in the future and while they felt Mohanji’s presence without His physical presence, they would love to be in Mohanji’s physical presence when He visits UK next time.

Our gratitude to Mohanji for spreading His divinity, grace and blessing to all of us and making us feel His ‘presence without presence’!

Thank You Mohanji!


Here are few comments that attendees expressed about the programme:

“Rejuvenating, energising, relaxing, grounding, transcendental and expressing freedom of spirit!” – Alexander

“Amazing enlightening experience.” – David Dubinin

“Really enjoyed the programme. Mantras and Yoga are one of the Best.” – Eric W

“Wonderful morning – opening and centring. Group facilitators were amazing. Chakra focus and movment was the best, I liked.” – Pete Smith

“Wonderfully uplifting experience. Conscious Dancing was my favourite.” – Mark Scholes

“Wonderful experience. PoP meditation and Conscious Dancing were my favourite.” – P Nair

“Divine, Blissful. I loved everything of this programme. Gratitude to Mohanji, not forgetting Subhasree and the entire team.” – Nelly-Anne

Jai Mohanji.


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