Inner rebirth

By Mohanji Acharyas Izabela Jovović, Aleksandra Stojanović and Sanja Stanković

16th February 2020

Residents of Subotica (Serbia) had the opportunity to participate in a unique program that aims to bring rejuvenation and regeneration to all attendees at all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. During this program, the participants experienced ‘internal rebirth’ in Mohanji‘s consciousness.

The Acharyas opened the program by gathering attendees around the vegan refreshment to discuss how the changes we start from within us bring the rebirth that is evident in our entire life circumstances.

The dynamic part of the program began with Conscious Dancing, which was most appreciated by those who had already had the opportunity to experience the benefits of this powerful meditation in movement. Marching to the rhythms of Africa, unleashing our flow through Latino sounds, uniting through the vibrations of Sanskrit, and opening our hearts and merging with an endless source of love, empowered all the energy centers (chakras) of the participants and helped them release accumulated blockages.

After Conscious Dancing, the technique of ‘Conscious Gapless Breathing’ was introduced, which is very effective because if performed properly, breathing penetrates completely to the cellular level, to all our experiences when we were in the uterus of our mother and helps remove the blockages from the meridians in our body. With varying breathing types and asanas, the participants went through a deep-cleansing process at all levels.

This intense and dynamic releasing process was followed by ‘Blossoms of Love’ meditation, bringing the feeling of unconditional love. The program leaders offered the participants Mohanji Energy Transfer that had the final effect of a life-long energy stream.

By the end of the program, no one felt like going home so the group stayed on for some more time enjoying the conversation and vegan food.

Experiences sharing by the participants:

“That magical Conscious Dance… For me, it is a sprinkler of liberation and love every time I practice it. This time, I bathed in tears of my heart chakra (one of the 7 main energy centers in our body), partially sad and partially happy, and their accompaniment was the familiar purple light on my closed eyelids. I have seen this color a few times before. It happened to me during group meditations or when I was receiving the Mohanji Energy Transfer, but this time it stayed with me longer and was more intense.”

“I experienced the Conscious Gapless Breathing technique for the first time. For me it was an awakening, everything was as it was, but the perspective changed. I’m still collecting impressions and going back to those moments, but the overall experience is amazing and I’m definitely looking forward to trying this technique again.”

“I think I had a good focus on breathing, everything went smoothly without any sensations. When I was in the fetus position, I felt safe and protected and then my fist cramps started, and with each consecutive position, my cramps were more intense and moved up to the elbows until the shoulders. In the last position, my jaw clenched and I felt it move to the side. The experience was amazing, I just watched it, as if I was out of the body, cramping without pain, I felt it strongly. At the very end, I felt vulnerable and small but protected again, I wanted to stay in that feeling.”




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Compiled, Edited & Published by – Mohanji Acharyas Editorials Team, 26th February


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