Acharyas Act On Compassion During Corona: Part 1

By Mohanji Acharyas from Canada, UK, USA, Peru, Serbia, Macedonia, Croatia

From 11th to 30th March 2020

Inspired by Mohanji’s proclamation of  “Karuna during Corona” during this global crisis of Coronavirus pandemic, Mohanji Acharyas have responded to this call by accelerating the pace of our activities. In doing so and keeping in mind the word ‘Karuna’, which is Sanskrit for compassion, we are viewing the crisis as an amazing opportunity for people to reinvent themselves in a positive way. And to this effect, Mohanji Acharyas (and other Mohanji Foundation volunteers) all over the world, have come forth in full enthusiasm, swinging into action on all available social media channels selflessly offering our programs free of charge.

We share below all of our contributions during this time. In addition, we also strive to lead by example by choosing to live vegan/vegetarian lifestyles. Compassionate living means being kind not only to others of our own species, but to all sentient beings who share the planet with us. 

Firstly, we are super excited to share that in March 2020 we launched our new Mohanji Acharyas (MA) YouTube channel

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MA Manisha conducted 42 programs out of which 41 programs were daily chanting of Gayatri and Mahamrtyunjaya mantra and one was an online ‘Power of Purity’ meditation.

MA Violeta conducted 5 online programs. She shares below her experience from the last few weeks,

“Breakthrough experience for me was when I intended to do an Online Mai-Tri session with camera on. I didn’t feel panic since I felt I was not the doer (the state of surrender of activities to a spiritual master). Chanting on the Zoom platform with the camera off was not a big problem, especially because my voice was reinforced by Mohanji’s energy and power. The voice was strong and clear. A message was given to me through a comment by MA Sanjay Acharya who said that I should lead the chanting sessions more often. As the situation with Coronavirus in Canada was getting worse, I felt an urge to do more, to influence more people to be positive. I could feel a burning sensation through my spine (usually felt due to master’s blessing). My cheeks were flushed red. I was constantly online on Facebook, sharing interesting posts with messages of love, faith and hope. Inspired by Mohanji, I started answering some questions on Facebook Toronto Vegan group, mentioning that I knew of a few online group meditations. When people started enquiring, I contacted my fellow Acharyas and organized an online Zoom ‘Power of Purity’ meditation for vegans the same evening. There were 10 people. In spite of  3 internet interruptions, 8 participants stayed till the end. I was spending more time online, busy chanting, meditating or surfing the internet. I noticed that there was silent resistance growing in my closest family members. They didn’t understand the deeper meaning of these activities. Feeling particularly exhausted one day, I felt I needed to go to the Mohanji spiritual center to recharge and rejuvenate. I heard bitter words from my husband accusing me of neglecting home and family. I just took a deep breath, went to my prayer room, bowed in front of Mohanji’s photo, surrendered the entire burden in front of his lotus feet and asked him to bring the Mohanji spiritual center to my home. I left the room comforted and suddenly magic happened! My husband apologized and said that we should go to the center and my nephew even offered help with preparing lunch. It was like stepping into a different reality. This showed me that empowered by Mohanji, I can be stable and handle any situation with calmness and patience, no matter how chaotic or painful it is.”

MA Ljiljana conducted about 25 sessions (online chanting for increasing positivity and Mohanji’s meditations‘Blossoms of Love’, ‘Freedom’, and ‘Power of Purity’) with around 240 people participating. Ljiljana shares, 

My very first spontaneous reaction to this situation when I noticed that people had started becoming fearful, was to call the people that I knew, especially those who live by themselves like the elderly. I sensed great anxiety and confusion in them from listening to the official news, programs and from talking to others. I also spoke to my friends and family and passed on courage to all of them through my positive attitude, inspiring them through what I am doing these days, how many different activities I was performing in order to help, and how rich I am feeling inside because of it. I advised them to stay away from the TV as much as possible, because it only increases the fear. I told them to take good care of themselves, to think positive, to learn to accept life as it is, to listen to good and relaxing music, to occupy themselves with some work and to surrender to Divinity God as per their orientation.
Inspired by my great spiritual master, I also wrote true stories/articles every day and when I shared them, I received very positive feedback from friends and strangers alike. Some of those comments were:

Please continue writing, I really need it”,

 “Thank you a lot, I am working on all of these points that you advised”,

 “Please keep sending”, 

“That is very true”

and other words of gratitude. I was feeling really strong inside, contented, and happy that I could, as a instrument of my master (Mohanji), make a difference in someone’s life.”

MA Dheena Naidoo conducted 12 programs. Dheena shares,

I commenced my programs/activities on March 19, 2020. The main purpose of these programs was to send healing energies to all beings in the world during these times of the pandemic situation. When I was notified of online programs, I could not connect online as the connection/system I have is weak and cuts off frequently. 

I continued with the programs I was doing on a daily basis. The following activities were included in my daily offerings: Devi Kavacham, Shiva Kavacham, chanting of Maha Mrityunjaya mantra, Gayatri mantra, the chant ‘loka samastha sukhino bhavanthu’, one of Mohanji’s meditations each day and concluding with Mohanji Aarti (sacred ritual which helps energize and cleanse oneself and the space of the heavy energies).

These sessions were conducted daily from 8.00 am to 10.00 am with four regular attendees. They enjoyed the sessions very much,  feeling good spending their time in prayer together and sending out their positive energies to people who were trying to overcome their fears of the virus. The energies in the room were very high at times, increasing their own spiritual energy. They felt very protected as a result, and their fears of contacting the virus began to abate. They also began feeling an improvement in their connection with Mohanji.”

Mohanji Acharyas


MA Moushumi conducted around 25 sessions online such as the Mai-Tri method, chanting, breathing techniques, body stretches, meditations, reading Mohanji’s blogs and ‘Power of Purity’ book.

Moushumi shares,

“I received a few messages from people when I conducted sessions in this way. As most of us are housebound, introducing these exercises has helped them a lot. Some of my friends’ children have loved it too. It’s always beneficial, to relax physically, emotionally and mentally before starting any activity and this was everyone’s favorite part.”

MA Shyama conducted 17 sessions (10 devotional singing sessions and ‘Power of Purity’ book reading, 6 chanting and 1 meditation) with a total of about 1200+ views.

Shyama shares,

“After the sessions, I have received positive comments from people saying the bhajans (devotional singing sessions) were soothing and that the chanting was lovely or that they liked the messages from Mohanji. On a personal level, it’s been a journey of self-discovery. Using social media platforms is alien to me, – it took a while to learn the various methods of connecting to people online, with a lot of energy support from Mohanji’s and also other Acharyas of course. Going live on Facebook is quite nerve-wracking, but I’m learning to let go, knowing Mohanji will take care. It’s wonderful to see people join us regularly. Immense gratitude to our dearest Mohanji for holding our hands, guiding and inspiring us.”

MA Chai conducted 19 sessions leading about 8 chanting sessions, which included Gayatri and Maha Mrtyunjaya mantra chanting sessions, 2 meditation sessions and 9 sessions of Mandarin programs, with a total about 700 views.

Chai shares,

“The news of Coronavirus has been spreading faster than the real virus itself. Living in the UK, I was worrying about my mother and family members in Malaysia. The Malaysian government had announced a lockdown a week before the UK. “What can I do? ” – this was the question that appeared in my mind, and then Mohanji‘s message, ‘Call for Action’ came at the same time. Without a second thought, I volunteered to translate the subtitles of Mohanji’s messages on Coronavirus, with the hope that these messages could reach more of the educated Chinese, especially the families far away. But I’m not a technology gadget person in daily life. In fact, I don’t even have an internet connection installed at home. No WiFi at home? In this century? Can you believe that?! Surely I must be joking?! 

Translation was happening very slowly with my mobile phone data. Another of Mohanji‘s messages came: we have to come out of our comfort zones to go LIVE on social media!!! What a shock! Okay. Fine. Severe chest pain began when the message got into my mind. At this point of time, the UK team was working together and taking turns to lead the Gayatri and Maha Mrtyunjaya mantra chanting, and also short meditations on Zoom where everybody was happy. We had about a week of team programs. But Mohanji knew we could go further to reach more people. So, individual social live sessions had to happen. With any challenge or kind of test, I would respond with chest pain immediately. But Mohanji knows. 

Everything had to be translated to Mandarin, before I could start on Facebook Live. My first Facebook live in Mandarin happened on 23 March 2020, 7 AM UK time, which is 3 PM in Malaysia. I translated into Mandarin the basic instructions for practice of A-U-M, the 5-speed breathing exercise and chanting of Gayatri mantra and peace mantra, and posted them on Facebook a day before so people could follow and chant along. ‘Freedom’ meditation was included at the end of the program. 

Before the program started, I mentally talked to Mohanji and asked for protection with Mohanji Gayatri. The Facebook live continued with severe chest pain and words often stuck in the throat or the mind somehow going blank on and off. I thought of Mohanji after the breathing exercise. When I started to chant the Gayatri mantra, my lips were trembling, but I smiled to myself and surrendered, letting Mohanji take over. Suddenly, the fragrance of vibhuti filled the room. I felt Mohanji was there, sitting next to me. I could feel something coming out from the chest. Feeling light, I continued chanting. The program ended with His grace. This was again a reminder to surrender fully and wholeheartedly. There is no time to think of how or when or what others think about you. Mohanji just made it happen. And the Mandarin program which began on 23rd  March 2020 continues till date. It has become a daily feature. 

Through the pandemic, so much relearning has happened as well as the resharpening of skills and of reinvention as well and cutting the comfort habit and the fear. Mohanji’s messages on Coronavirus have given clear signs and direction. Press the reset button on ourselves. Just come back to our true selves. The pure and original. Kindness and compassion. The Avadhuta-to-be. As Mohanji said,

“When you give time, I will give timelessness.”

The results of engagement with the Chinese group is far behind other nations. But I believe there is always a starting point where Mohanji plays his role and the whole tradition of liberation (tradition of powerful spiritual masters) supports beyond caste and race. I am willing to continue to be a medium, a useful medium for the Tradition. Please use this appearance called ‘Chai’ to serve all the children of Mohanji, all the children of the universe. May I always be in the consciousness of Mohanji under his lotus feet.”



MA Lata Ganesh conducted 33 programs (mantra chanting, yoga, breathing exercises (pranayama), meditation, reading Mohanji‘s ‘Atmananda’ series of blogs (part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5 and part 6) and online Mai-Tri Method) with a total reach of about 4500 people on Facebook in only 5 sessions. Generating a sense of unity within the Mohanji USA team despite geographical distance, Lata worked with the country team to organize a 12-hour group mantra chanting to raise the frequency and enhance positivity in the world – from dawn to dusk – which was a big success. About 20 participants took part in leading the chants and about 100 people participated. Approximately 30,000 chants were chanted. The Mohanji Canada team also participated in the chanting.

Lata shares, 

Mohanji‘s ‘Atmananda’ series of blog readings generated much interest in the larger community of my friends and colleagues and other Facebook communities and groups, offering an expanded reach.
It has been a great experience for me, starting with helping me go beyond my comfort zone. I got a lot of inspiration from the Mohanji family around the world and I am thankful to each of them. It is also heartening and encouraging to note that people from unexpected quarters are viewing my 4 Facebook videos which have had 987 views so far. Every day for the past two weeks, I have had calls/texts from people thanking me for the session and expressing how they overcame their physical and/or emotional pain and felt totally at peace and free. One participant, who is very regular for both the daily sessions, did not connect on one morning and I called at the end of the program to enquire about her. She said that she has been struggling with sleep for the past several weeks now but on that day, she slept so well and though she heard her alarm go off, could not get out of the bed because she was in blissful sleep and witnessing this beautiful dream of Mohanji, who had knocked at her door and entered her house calling out her name. The experience was so real for her and it was actually when I phoned her to enquire, was the time when she woke up from the dream and was still in a daze. My heartfelt surrender and gratitude to Mohanji for inspiring and empowering me and others every moment.”

MA Piamas conducted 8 energizing programs (6 live yoga sessions, 1 group chanting session, 1 session of relaxation breathing exercises) with a total 981 views.

Piamas shares her journey in brief, 

The past couple of weeks have been quite an adventure in conducting live programs as an Acharya. After Mohanji gave His initial messages to the Acharyas, urging all of us to take action, I really felt the urgency to conduct some online activities. However, a couple of days went by, and I was not able to put myself out there. I felt stuck, and was feeling frustrated with myself because I had a fear of putting myself out in public. A couple of days later, Barbara had reached out to me to offer help if I needed any, with conducting programs. She suggested that I offer something daily online. As if Mohanji knew about my frustration and this feeling of being stuck, I feel as if He had sent a messenger, Barbara, to help motivate me and help me get ‘unstuck’.
Many people have benefited from the online chanting and yoga sessions I conducted. One person thanked me for offering the online yoga, since she is no longer able to attend her weekly yoga classes at her gym.  Another person said that he felt extremely relaxed after a session of chanting of the Gayatri mantra.
I have learned to come out of my comfort zone, and to share information and classes through Facebook live streaming.  I experienced Mohanji’s ‘presence without presence’ when the viewers experienced the relaxing energies generated by chanting the Gayatri mantra. I also felt an indescribable sense of peace and stillness in myself after conducting the online live chanting.
I am so thankful for this opportunity of self growth, and being able to add value to people’s lives. I am thankful to Mohanji for allowing this to happen, and surrender everything to Him.”

MA Bhavani Nair conducted 18 sessions (5 Online Mai-Tri sessions, 1 ‘Power of Purity’ meditation, 7 chanting sessions, 2 Facebook live videos to spread awareness, 3 kids program). 

Bhavani shares some of the testimonials she received after the sessions:

  • Vidya Shankar: Thank you, Bhavani and Vidya for a wonderful session.
  • Mona: I echo the same sentiments. Thanks ladies, I very much appreciate your efforts. It’s imperative for kids to learn and imbibe good teachings and meditation and especially during these challenging times.
  • Ojal, Mrig enjoyed today’s session, Mrig was jumping with joy saying she could concentrate better today and liked the story as well. Thank you very much, Bhavani, for the wonderful session for kids. I really want both of them to learn and impart Mohanji’s teachings in their life. Praying to Mohanji to bless them – Jai Mohanji!
  • Thank you, Bhavani, for the Mai-Tri session. Actually, this afternoon I joined Lakshmi’s session and after a few minutes, my network was lost. I got so bored then Lakshmi phoned to say that I could join your session in the evening. I can feel how Mohanji is working behind the scenes each time. I was meant to be with you guys to experience the powerful Mai-Tri, beautifully sung Hanuman Chalisa and Krishna song on the occasion of Ekadashi. For me, each session is completely different and equally powerful. My heartfelt gratitude to dear Mohanji. Love you all!
  • Hi, I joined a couple of the sessions and the experience I have had is remarkable. And to be honest with you, I have been practicing the creation of the golden dome on my own, anytime I am feeling different. But I have not been able to attend the last two sessions since all my classes resumed through online learning and I have a class at that time. And on other days me and my mom had been practicing lighting diyas during sundown and chanting on our own. I felt bad for not letting your wife know though. But please let her know the experience was so worthy and I have used the method to connect with Ma Durga or Lord Shiva through the White light energy. I can’t thank you enough for this. Before this, I felt like I was losing touch with God and goddesses because every time I prayed my mind wandered off but nowadays, I have been catching myself connecting with them through the vision of some white light.

MA Bimal Nair conducted 3 meditation sessions for kids in his class. 

MA Geeta conducted 17 sessions (14 mantra chanting, 2 ‘Power of Purity’ mediations, 1 Sai Satcharitra reading session) all on Zoom with a total of 170 participants. The chants have been 108 counts of Gayatri/Mahamrityunjaya/Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya/Roga Nivarana mantras, Dhanvantari Mantra, and Aditya Hrdayam.

Geeta shares, 

Wanted to report an experience of someone who participated in this morning’s 108 Gayatri mantra live chanting that I led. She is an older lady who is not tech savvy so she called in on the phone line to join the session, instead of a computer. She said she sat down to chant after a bath and lighting a lamp. It was sunrise time when the chanting began. It occurred to her to get up and open the blinds and let the morning sun pour in.  Every morning, there are birds on the patio that visit to have their breakfast of the birdseed that she scatters there. She said as she opened the blinds, there were a few birds sitting outside the patio door. While some flew away after a couple minutes or so, like most birds do, seven birds continued to sit there, absolutely still. She said those seven birds sat motionless for about 40 minutes with their bellies down to the ground as if meditating and listening to the chanting. She said she stood there the entire time looking at them. She said she was desperate to document it by taking a video but since her phone was playing the chanting, she didn’t want to touch it, in case it disconnected the Zoom call. Feeling awestruck, and recognizing this as something unusual she was privileged to witness, she asked that her deep gratitude be conveyed to Mohanji for this grace.

Someone texted to ask me one day if I have recorded myself chanting and if I am playing it back every day. I clarified that it is a live chant everyday. To my reply on my WhatsApp group, I then received this response:

“That it is live and your own presence, can be felt even through the airwaves. May Waheguruji give you abundant good health always. Tere bhane sarbat da bhalla. Thank you, Geetaji!”

‘”was wonderful joining the chanting group. Look forward to many more chants and chanting. Thank you.” – person joining from Mysore, India

‘The chanting today was very special for me. Very energising AND calming. Ma (Divine Mother) was with me.”

MA Jayashree conducted 16 sessions (14 ‘Power of Purity’ (POP) meditations and Q&A sessions, 2 group chanting) with a total of 74 participants. Jaya shares the POP meditation experiences of some of the participants:

Thanks a lot for the POP today. Really appreciate the amazing energy. Jai Mohanji

– Thank you. This is the best and the worst of times, so to say. Amazing work is being done by you

– Thank you so much, dear Jaya . I would like to join tomorrow as well. I felt very happy, content and positive.

– Thank you Jaya,you conduct such a beautiful session, more people should enjoy

– All thanks to you for conducting these sessions

– Felt very peaceful and kept me calm all throughout the day

– Your talk was very good.

MA Laurie Ann conducted 17 “Conscious Recovery Meditation Meetings – CRMM” programs (Mohanji-inspired program for alcoholics and addicts in a 12-step recovery format consisted of inspiring readings, one of Mohanji’s guided meditations and open sharing). Laurie shares, 

“Inspired by Mohanji, CRMM was created in 2019. During the Acharya training in Mohanji’s physical presence, I could feel the divine suggestion to create a “Meditation meeting” for the recovery community who are used to attending 12-step meetings. The recovery community consists of alcoholics and addicts who are clean and sober, not using drugs or alcohol and in active recovery. I myself have been clean and sober for 18 years, and during most of that time have dealt with deep depression. The meditations have helped me lift the level of my depression and so I wanted to share them with others in recovery, as I felt that many of them also battle depression issues. For this initiative, I used Mohanji’s tenets of positivity, kindness, unconditional love and ahimsa (non-violence) to not just expose this community to these ideals, but to suggest that we all “strive to practice them in all aspects of our lives”.

I was going to add a phone/online meeting to my regular routine of three in-person meetings a week and had been thinking about also starting a Facebook page for CRMM for a while. This was way before the Coronavirus hit. Then when the virus hit, I thought to myself, “This is why you should have done this already”. 

One of the regulars in the CRMM is an elderly gentleman with health issues. So I immediately got a conference call line number in place in time for the regular Thursday 7:15 am meeting and started the FB page, ‘Conscious Recovery Meditation’ the same day as well. I made changes to the flyer and put it on the Facebook page and sent it to my recovery network.

Since 12th March 2020, I have conducted three CRMM phone meetings a week. As I was looking after my own mental health, I increased my daily chanting and knew it was helping me. I decided to do a ‘beginner’s’ short chanting session intended for the same recovery audience and called it, ‘Chanting in Recovery’. I researched the health benefits and distilled them down so that it would sound relevant and meaningful enough to prospective (recovery) attendees to entice them to give it a try. The unofficial start was on Wednesday, 18th March. I did get a flyer made up by the graphics team. However, I wanted to do some more beta testing with my audience and have held two sessions a week since then. It has already been advertised as a regular program to the main recovery group/attendees and on the Facebook page.

Addicts are typically medicated for ADHD, bi-polar disorder, manic depression due to significant trauma and are often overusing caffeine and it is harder for them to sit still and get calm.  The attendees always thank me for holding the meeting saying they feel calm, relaxed, hopeful, serene, etc.  Some state how grateful they are for these meetings and state they are keeping them afloat during the time of the Coronavirus.

During this time, I have noticed that many friends and family have needed more support. So I have made myself available to anyone at any time if they are in crisis or in need. It is in line with the Native American belief of the community I belong to, that you are ready to do a sweat lodge outside of the ‘normal lodge schedule’ whenever anyone expresses a need for it. These on-demand CRMM meetings are my version of a ‘Mohanji Inipi’ (Sweat Lodge).

Gratefully an Acharya!
In love and service”

MA Elham shares,

“After Mohanji’s Call to Action, our (my husband and I) lives changed to miraculous days. We started having daily programs with the group of people in Iran which previously had been on a weekly basis. People were so happy and grateful to Mohanji for this daily encouragement to positivity. Every day we had 25-45 people attending, which was amazing. Many beautiful experiences, much sharing, awareness and transformation has happened in the last few weeks by Mohanji’s grace. We were full of energy everyday despite very few hours of sleep and it’s all Mohanji’s energy, nothing else. He really empowers us, the only thing we need to do is surrender. Full surrender with the heart and then the rest is assured. 

We would like to share with you all, some of the beautiful experiences of the participants in the last few weeks of Mohanji’s Call to Action. Here’s another confirmation of Mohanji’s ‘Presence without presence’ and the Power of our great Tradition. 

We surrender everything at the lotus feet of Mohanji Baba and the Tradition. 

Asma: During the online Mai-Tri session I was recalling all my life memories, all the pains and injustices that had happened to me. I was crying and calling out to the Gods and Mohanji for awareness. Then I felt a flow of white light inside me. We could feel Master Mohanji’s love through you. So thankful to Master Mohanji and you.

Bahar: A few weeks back before I joined the group, awareness was coming to me that someone extremely dear is going to come back to me and I was even waking up from sleep with gratitude for this blessing. It was afterwards that I joined your group and understood that the one who came back is Master Mohanji. It’s not been a long time since I have known about him, yet I feel him at every moment by my side. During Mahamitrunjaya chanting, I saw a waterfall of golden light on my head and then it was expanding around me as a bright golden ball. Then I saw Mohanji pouring golden powder on my head and Ajna chakra and then he tapped on my Anahata Chakras. My tears were rolling over at this joy and blessings. So grateful to dear Mohanji and you. 

Afsaneh: I lost my husband due to the Coronavirus a few weeks ago. I’m an energy healer so during those days when my husband was in hospital, I was trying to send him healing daily but feeling so drained afterwards. So one day I prayed to Mohanji to help him before starting the healing and it was then I got a message like a command saying, “Don’t interfere in his karma”. After that, I couldn’t give energy even though I tried hard. So I lost my husband then and understood I should not be interfering in karma while healing. I feel Master Mohanji is by my side guiding me all the time during this turbulent time of my life. One day after the loss of my husband, I was so down. It was impossible to accept this loss. Then I opened Mohanji’s Universe Instagram page and I saw this message and I was sure it’s Master Mohanji’s message to me: “When I say  ‘I’m with you’, I mean it. I don’t need the body to be with you – Mohanji”. I’m certain now that he’s my spiritual Master and am so grateful and joyful to be eligible to be his student. 

Mehrdad: After chanting Maha Mrtyunjaya I was feeling so high as if I had drunk 10 cans of energy drinks! I couldn’t sit still and wanted to run 10 kilometers! This can’t be normal :))

Kashani: During an online Mai-Tri session, my head started spinning and my breathing got so heavy that I felt nausea and had to lie down. Then I saw a vision of an old man with colorful lines on his forehead spreading a blanket and sitting on a wooden bench. I understood that he was a Master but didn’t know him. Then he looked at me and his gaze was giving me peace. 

(She found the picture below on Google and identified him as the man she has seen in her vision. She asked me if I knew his name and if he was still in the body (Om Sai Ram). She said she had been waiting for 20 years for such a master, looking here and there. Her wish was to be on a deserving level to become his student. So thankful to you. We’re a Mohanji Family.)

Ayda: Recently I made a new friend. He’s sick and doctors have said he has a maximum of only one year to live. Since the first day of meeting him, I have felt so close to him and he has the same feeling towards me. I was in a dilemma, wondering: “What’s this? I’m married and how come I have a feeling of love towards another man?!” The feeling was very pure but I couldn’t understand the reason; so I prayed to Master Mohanji to tell me the reason and help me. After the prayer I went to visit my friend in hospital. He told me,”When I met you, I was born again!”. With this statement I received my answer by Mohanji’s grace. 

When I was born, I had a twin, a boy but he couldn’t make it and passed away in a few days. Now I have found my brother! He’s the one I lost 39 years ago and now he’s 21. I told him about this inspiration and he replied, “I was feeling that I have known you before and the feeling was so weird. I was afraid to tell you in case you misunderstand me”. He also agrees that we’re siblings and this love is so pure. I’m so grateful to Master Mohanji for this blessing. This is all because of his grace that I have my brother back.

Raha: During Mahamrtyunjaya chanting, I had an experience unlike anything I have had before. I was chanting but then I saw an eye, the pupil color of which was changing to purple, then blue, then green. I couldn’t feel my body and was seeing Mohanji in white, holding my hands and directing me towards the eye. I could hear your chanting from the cave inside the eye. I was scared to go inside. I felt myself as a ball of light and flames of fire from the bottom which were not burning me, and every part of me was spinning. Then I was hovering and could feel that Mohanji was present all the time. I saw all the planets in harmony. Everything was in harmony, peace and silence. We were all in God’s embrace. I could see light from each corner of the earth coming out. (P.S. It was the time that all the online programs started, March 18). Mohanji put his hand on my heart and a light came to my forehead and I could hear your chanting all the way, it was a kind of guidance. I was not ready to come back when you said to be ready to open the eyes. Then I could see some humans together from the sky pouring light onto the earth and I felt they’re great Masters. Mohanji too was there with them. I was thanking everything and everyone. I saw the Coronavirus inside myself. It became one with me. I embraced and honored it and prayed to it to complete its mission. Finally Masters guided me so I could come back. For a long time I remained in that bliss. 

Another experience happened during meditation when I saw white and black clouds and it was so weird to me since I knew I was meditating and concentrating inside and now what was this. Then I saw colorful lights, purple, blue and more in my forehead. Then between my eyebrows a tunnel of light opened and it started talking to me through that. It was saying, “Don’t be scared of anything. Don’t be scared of anything that happens. Even if you get sick, I’m with you. If anything happens to the world, I’m with you. Don’t be scared if others mock you. If they leave you alone, don’t be scared. You’re here in my protection and peace. You’re in my embrace. I’m so happy you’re here.” I could see that Mohanji is inside me. It was so peaceful. So grateful to Mohanji. 

Azin (a nurse): Since I joined the group, I feel much stronger than before. When I go to work and whenever I feel low due to the hospital situation I ask Mohanji to help me and give me strength and he absolutely does so, always. I experienced a miracle and I believe it was because of Mohanji. After participating in just two sessions, there was an incident when a pot of boiling water accidentally dropped on my face, leg and hand. I thought I would be hospitalized for this but was stunned that there was only just a little burn, nothing significant. I’m sure it was his miracle. 

So we close this report with the translation of a poem of one of the participants in the name of Hamed who started saying poems for Mohanji as soon as he connected to Father. The poem was in Farsi so hopefully even after the translation, you can feel the deep bhaav (devotion) in there. 

Your eyes are tailored to be God

But I believe you himself are God 

I was in heresy the whole my life

Now along with you I can be God”

MA Vidya Rajagopalan conducted 14 sessions (5 Sri Bhagavatha Purana series for kids, 3 group reading of Sai Satcharitra, 4 mediation for kids, 1 ‘Blossoms of Love’ meditation, 1 chanting session of Vishnu Sahasranama chanting and Om Namo Bhagavathe Vasudevaya) with a total of 600+ views. Vidya shares,

“The ‘Blossoms of Love’ meditation was my most powerful ‘Blossoms of Love’ yet. All who attended felt the intensity of the meditation and a few even asked about the breathing we did at the beginning. It was a group of Sai Baba devotees and they were doing the BoL meditation by Mohanji for the first time. I attended the Navaratri homa too each day and greatly thankful for being able to participate.

The Sri Bhagavatha Purana series for kids started on March 27. It has been a very satisfying and enlightening experience for me personally. I am doing this with my daughter, and it is wonderful to bond through preparing for the live broadcast each day. I have always loved the stories from the Bhagavatham and have read it before. But as Father (Mohanji) says, the experience is different now. I am able to see the unifying ideas that the stories present and feel a sense of purpose as I read them. It is amazing how these stories, as old as they are, are relevant even today as they were much earlier. I am able to feel that and believe it shows in my expression each day. An example of even more divine grace was that Day 9 of the reading happened to be Ekadashi, very auspicious for chanting and prayer and fasting. So overall this is a humbling experience – to think that I could present morals to the general public through the Lord’s stories and go live on Facebook too! I am also noticing that I feel a sense of pride and joy at being a Mohanji Acharya, in a way that is deeper than before. At a time when many are feeling anxious and stressed, we are joining together in an effort to help others stay positive. In fact, there is no fear or stress; only a sense of purpose – what more can I do and how can I do it? I am extremely thankful and grateful to dearest Father for all this – koti koti pranaams, Father!

My eternal gratitude and lots of love for Father. I would also like to thank all the Acharyas and others involved in the Foundation activities.”

Mohanji Acharyas


MA Mirela started with online Zoom sessions on 17th March and conducted 7 sessions till 30th (4 online Mai-Tri Method, 1 satsang (friendly discourse), ‘Blossoms of Love’ and ‘Power of Purity’ meditations) with a total 177 views of those who joined.

Mirela shares,

“It has been a very challenging experience for me, especially in the beginning, firstly because I am not good at dealing with FB, Zoom, etc. and secondly even though I completed the requirements to become a Mai-Tri practitioner, I had never actually done it because I was doubting myself. So while I was looking at other Acharyas doing things online, the anxiety was building up, but I knew that I had to do it – it wasn’t about me. Helena Bjelakovic from Croatia and her son Milan taught me how to use Zoom, and Mohanji Croatia offered their Zoom account,and as we are in different time zones, our programs were not going to overlap. I viewed different Acharyas programs on Zoom and FB many times, and wrote down in detail everything I was going to say. I am confident when conducting meditations, since I have been doing it every Sunday in my apartment for more than 2 months, but going on my FB profile to tell people to join me on Zoom was another challenge. I got physically sick the day of the first Zoom session. Nevertheless, there is this moment when you realize that it’s not about you, that you are just being available, and that Mohanji is doing everything, and that you have just to surrender. I think that I go through those moments every day. Ownership of my actions is still very present; I am aware of it.

So we started on the 17th March, and every day we have had  a session at 6 pm, Peruvian time. As the majority of people don’t know about Mohanji and are not familiar with Indian culture, we are trying to do different things every day. One day we have the Mai-Tri method, then HSTY stretching exercises with ‘Freedom’ meditation, then longer meditation (‘Blossoms of Love’ or ‘Power of Purity’), reading a story plus meditation, satsang about certain topics (anxiety, fear, uncertainty, anger, acceptance, etc) with meditation and so on. While having satsang, we are combining two views on certain topics – life coaching point of view and Mohanji’s point of view. Why are we doing that? We want to show to the participants that Mohanji´s teachings are not something far from their reality, that his teachings are spiritual, and firmly rooted in reality, practicality and/or everyday life. I am a certified life coach, but the one usually talking about the life coaching point of view is Martha Bazan. She started helping me last year with WhatsApp posts, and has completed Mai-Tri method training as well. As the participants loved those satsangs, and we didn’t have enough time for all questions, we decided that starting the 1st of March on each Wednesday, we will have a full hour satsang session for those interested, followed by the usual yogic stretching.

People’s comments are very good – they feel peace, silence within, less anxious. After Mai-Tri, some participants wrote to me how they could feel energy in their bodies. Some of them wept, especially while working on the heart chakra. They love the vibration of mantras. Some told us they feel blessed to be the part of the group, and that our sessions are keeping them calm. It is nice when we meet every day at 6, because we have Juana who lives in Brussels, Maria Ines in the Aruba Islands, Estela in Cordova, Argentina, Andrea in Santiago de Chile, Maya in Ecuador.

Regarding the Navaratri homa in India, I was listening in just for short periods of time because it was starting right after our sessions, and usually people were writing to me privately after sessions, telling me about how they felt, their problems, asking me questions, etc.”



MA Devi Mohan conducted 14 sessions (6 online Mai-Tri sessions, 7 days of leading Navaratri Homa, 1 YouTube video for the channel Sai Baba’s Devotee Speaks) with a total of about 66,000 views.

MA Izabela conducted 9 meditations through Zoom (‘Power of Purity’, ‘Blossoms of Love’, ‘Bliss of Silence’) with a total of 138 active participants. She also conducted 3 satsangs (friendly discourses) together with MA Dragan after his Online Mai-Tri sessions. 

Izabela shares, 

“Other than experienced meditators, I also invited acquaintances who had never meditated in their lives or ever tried Mohanji‘s meditations. Apart from meditating, each session was made personal as we also shared experiences from that day or we spoke on a certain topic, e.g. panic and fear and how to overcome them with awareness, accepting ourselves and others, love, etc. The meditators shared with us that we Mohanji Acharyas are like the Sun to them, giving them stability and confidence in this period. Most of them said extremely strong energy was felt during meditations – a sense of group connection; a sense of Mohanji’s presence during meditations and Mohanji Energy Transfer; a sense of calm and that everything will be fine after meditation; a feeling that they are not alone and that we are family; a feeling that they can ask me for help as an Acharya and not just meditate together.

During the post Mai-Tri satsangs we talked about everything that surrounds us right now. I shared a few  tips and tricks on how to quickly reduce anxiety, as well as about the benefits of the online Acharya programs.

Before the lockdown after 5 pm in Serbia started, I held 3 meditations at the Lotus Yoga Studio with a total of 49 participants. 80% of the meditators were people who had never participated in Mohanji‘s activities before, and 50% had never meditated in their lives. It was an opportunity to introduce them to Mohanji’s meditations, teachings, and other techniques He has given us, and they also received Mohanji Energy Transfer three times.”

MA and HSTY teacher Monika Balenovic led the live Himalayan traditional yoga session ‘Balance your body and mind’ on March 29th, which included light yogic exercises, asanas, breathing exercises for purification and deep relaxation. The full class can still be seen on HSTY Facebook page. Apart from yoga class, Monika also shared her experience through a Facebook video inspired by Mohanji on being quarantined in India with the motto – ‘From isolation to Transformation’, as well as some useful advice on how to deal with negative emotions and stress in these turbulent times.

MA Mina conducted 10 online Mai-Tri sessions, some in English, some in Serbian language, with a total of 72 active participants. 

Mina shares, 

“Apart from being a witness of positive transformation in people’s attitude and stability in life through Acharya programs, I am amazed by the promptness and precision with which Mohanji activated all of us Acharyas in such a short span of time by sending so many voice messages of inspiration and empowerment, encouraging us to take action and give to the world the best we can, during the time of crisis. No person would give so much time to train and empower so many people to work for the benefit of the world, selflessly, and without any expectation of gaining materials, popularity or glory. No selfishness in Mohanji’s tradition. Only purity. He literally proved who He is by His work during the crisis. In fact, many people had astral (non-material) experiences, witnessing what Mohanji actually does that His physical body doesn’t show. One woman told me she saw Mohanji working as a light force through Acharyas, reaching and working on thousands of people at the same time – even including the families of those who participated in Acharya programs. She said all of them received something, whatever they were ready for – freedom from drinking or smoking habits, release of fears and blockages and even healing from diseases they had had for years. She said only God knows what all Mohanji does each moment. A few other witnesses confirmed that He did such things while simply sitting or sleeping, as His consciousness travels to places and helps many even outside His physical proximity.

Regarding my programs, I can’t put in words the benefits people were blessed with, through Acharya programs. Many of them felt it themselves and will feel it in the future when they realize what kind of baggage Mohanji has removed from them. I think the experience of the woman I mentioned above, describes Mohanji’s work beautifully, so I have nothing to add: ‘He lives for the world’ is the sentence that best describes Him.”

Mohanji Acharyas


MA Ekaterina conducted 3 programs (online chanting for increasing the positivity in the world which was open only to the youth with two participants from USA and Germany, online Mai-Tri and online bhajans (mantra) singing) with around 30 participants in total. Ekaterina shares,

On the day I was supposed to conduct online Mai-Tri after work, I wasn’t feeling well and had a headache. I thought that this would get in the way of me being able to conduct the session well. So I performed Mohanji Aarti (sacred ritual which helps energize and cleanse oneself and the space of the heavy energies) and felt better immediately. Then when we started, another obstacle showed up – people weren’t able to hear me. But I remained calm, believing that it all had to be right and that with Mohanji’s grace, it would all be solved. And it was! It’s all due to His Grace. When we set an intention, He clears the path. We had a nice session – there was a feeling of stability and confidence. At the end we imagined Mohanji in front of us, expressed gratitude to Him and imagined that He was hugging us. It was such a beautiful feeling.”

Mohanji Acharyas


MA Helena conducted 40 programs (17 online chanting sessions, 17 online meditations and 6 online Mai-Tri sessions) reaching more people than she anticipated. Helena shares, 

“I also inspired others from the Mohanji Croatia team to get involved and give their contribution. People are thrilled with the idea because then they too could contribute in these days of uncertainty in various places across Croatia such as Rijeka, Pula, Krk, Split and Velika Gorica. I also inspired a couple of us from the region to practice Consciousness Kriya at 5 am in the morning, and we indeed formed a group.
The daily chanting and meditation has personally increased stability in me. I feel more peace within myself and then I have been able to pass it on to others. I feel the presence of Mohanji and other masters intensely. The desire to contribute as much as possible to spread positivity every day through these contributions and a large number of conversations with other people, is increasing. Even people who have other spiritual masters come to these programs, and they come back because they feel it is the same energy.
Initially there were many people from Zagreb (where an earthquake recently took place). After the earthquake, everyone expressed that they were calm, without panic. They said they were aware that they had gained this calm attitude through our programs. Big thanks to Mohanji. They know that only He saved them that day. I will soon write about my personal experience regarding this.”




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